What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

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what does pet insurance cover

We all love our pets. But we also know they can get into all sorts of trouble. That's why reliable and affordable pet insurance is so important. Embrace Pet Insurance is a company that understands this need, providing comprehensive pet insurance coverage for a wide range of pet health concerns.  

Our customizable pet health insurance gives you the flexibility to tailor coverage to your specific needs and budget. Whether you're new to pets or have had furry family members for years, our accident and illness policies provide peace of mind and protection against unexpected veterinary costs.  

But what does pet insurance cover? This article will answer that question, along with many others. We'll also look at the difference our full-coverage pet insurance can make in your pet's life. H2: What Does Full Pet Insurance Cover? Once you've fulfilled the waiting period, full pet insurance covers a wide range of accidents and illnesses, including cancer and chronic, preventable and orthopedic conditions. It might be easier to ask, "What doesn't full pet insurance cover?" Our full-coverage pet insurance doesn't handle:  

  • Breeding 

  • Whelping 

  • Pregnancy 

  • DNA testing and cloning 

  • Deliberate injury by you or a member of your household 

There are several other exclusions that you can read about on our Coverage page

Pre-existing conditions are also excluded under our accident and illness policies. But Embrace handles pre-existing conditions differently from other pet health insurance companies. We only review the previous 12 months of your pet's health history, unlike the 24-month period other companies review. 

Embrace also wants to cover your pet's curable conditions. Say your pet had a vomiting bout four months before enrollment. If he's treatment- and symptom-free for 12 months after that, your pet is eligible for coverage for that condition if it strikes again. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication? 

Embrace's pet health insurance can include prescription medications. If your pet's condition is covered, so are the meds needed to treat it under the prescription coverage available with every pet health policy. Examples of covered prescriptions include:  

  • Allergy medication 

  • Antibiotics 

  • Anxiety medication 

  • Eye and ear drops 

  • Insulin and supplies 

  • Oral chemotherapy 

  • Pain relievers 

  • Steroids 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery? 

Our full-coverage pet insurance includes surgery, whether it's scheduled or emergency. Overnight observation is covered, as are fees for exams, anesthesia, vet and tech time and other related expenses. We cover surgeries for conditions like:  

  • Cataracts 

  • Foreign body ingestions 

  • Gastroenteritis 

  • Hip dysplasia 

  • Parvo 

  • Periodontal disease 

  • Tumor removal 

Does Pet Insurance Cover an MRI? 

Embrace's pet insurance coverage includes MRIs and all diagnostic testing for covered conditions. For example, X-rays and biopsies are also covered. H2: Does Pet Insurance Cover Vaccines? Vaccines are not included in our pet health insurance policies. Embrace handles vaccines through our Wellness Rewards Plan, which addresses routine care like: 

  • Flea, tick and heartworm preventatives 

  • Microchipping 

  • Spay/neuter surgery 

  • Toenail trimming 

  • Wellness exams 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Euthanasia? 

Your pet's end of life is a difficult time, and Embrace is sensitive to your needs. That's why our full-coverage pet insurance includes euthanasia when it's required for humane reasons due to a covered condition. We know your pet's importance, and we're here for you through every phase of your pet's life. H2: How Much Is Pet Insurance? The cost of pet health insurance varies depending on an array of factors, such as: 

  • Type of pet 

  • Your pet's age 

  • Your ZIP code 

A typical range of monthly premiums can vary from $20 for a short-hair domestic cat to more than $50 for a Labrador Retriever. 

Is Dog Liability Insurance Worth It? 

Considering the high cost of vet treatments, pet insurance for dogs — and cats — can definitely be worth it. With vet bills ranging into thousands of dollars, you want pet insurance coverage that can help you manage your costs.  

We offer dog insurance and cat insurance plans that can help you get a handle on your vet expenses.  

Do People Actually Use Their Pet Insurance Coverage? 

Yes, people really do use their pet insurance coverage. Embrace has dozens of real-life stories from customers who've taken advantage of the benefits offered by our full-coverage pet insurance. 

Sign Up for Pet Health Insurance With Embrace 

Whether you want pet insurance for cats or dogs, Embrace has you covered. You can find exactly what you need with our flexible options and full-coverage policies. Don't wait until it's too late – explore Embrace's pet health insurance today and give your pet the protection they deserve.