Wellness Rewards*

Our Flexible Pet Wellness Plan for Dogs and Cats

Why Choose a Pet Wellness Plan?

Pet care costs are rising — from annual exams and preventative medications to grooming and training services. Without pet wellness coverage, those big-ticket items can really derail your finances.

With Wellness Rewards, you select your annual benefit amount — $250, $450, or $650 — and access the funds instantly from day one. Since Wellness Rewards is not insurance, there is no waiting and no saving up. Use the money for your pet’s wellness needs and repay over time through bite-sized and affordable monthly payments throughout the year, helping you manage those big expenses more comfortably.

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Wellness Rewards Membership Benefits

Covering pet wellness is just the beginning. Wellness Rewards goes beyond preventative care, offering members:

Stylized icon of currency notes, representing affordable pet insurance premiums and flexible payment options for comprehensive pet health coverage

$25 Bonus

Wellness Rewards members get an extra $25 to use on included or eligible preventative care services.

Open envelope with document, representing pet insurance policy details. Stay informed about your pet's coverage and easily access important information for their healthcare needs.

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What Does Wellness Rewards Cover?

Wellness Rewards is not an insurance policy but is an optional add-on to our accident and illness plans and can be customized to fit your budget and pet’s needs.

  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletWellness Exams and Vaccinations/Titers
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletFlea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletRoutine Gland Expression
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletGrooming, Medicated Shampoos, Toenail Trimming, and Training
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletCremation, Burial, and More
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletSpay/Neuter and Microchipping
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletBlood and Fecal Tests
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletPreventative Dental Cleaning
  • checkmark icon used as a list bulletAlternative Treatments, Nutritional Supplements and Prescription Diet Food

Annual Pet Wellness Coverage of $250

Helps cover the costs of wellness vet visits, annual vaccinations, and preventative treatments for adult dogs and cats.

Annual Pet Wellness Coverage of $450

Ideal for pet parents who visit the vet more frequently and keep up with routine care and preventative services.

Annual Pet Wellness Coverage of $650

Recommended for puppies and kittens who need to get vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and special care during their first months.

What Our Pet Parents Have to Say About Wellness Rewards

This fluffy brown dog is looking so happy during its' grooming session.

Embrace Pet Insurance makes the claims process so simple – submit invoices online and that’s about it. I like their Wellness Rewards plan - makes it easier to 'budget' for the essential pet wellness care things like annual checkups, vaccines, parasite prevention - even grooming!

– Stephanie M.

A puppy staring at its owner who is holding the treats and the camera. Meanwhile the puppy is behaving  while it is being assessed if it can be enrolled for pet insurance.

I have a puppy and wasn’t expecting to need pet insurance. I used the pet wellness plan to pay for spay, but she had bad reactions to anesthesia. I had to take her to vet three times, and all was reimbursed at 90% within five days! The pet wellness plan was great for spay and shots. It was also great for monthly flea, tick, and heartworm medication!

– Linda

This poor ginger cat seems so weak from its condition that it willingly allowed the veterinarian to check its heartbeat.

I used to have another insurance for my pet, and it was always a hassle when I submitted claims, I waited for months for them to process my claims only to get $0.00 back, a denial etc. However, I have only been with Embrace for a few months, and I’m amazed at how quickly they process my pet wellness claims and how quickly I got the funds deposited into my account! Not to mention all friendly personnel that love pets :)  

– Ada S.

What’s Not Covered in a Pet Wellness Plan

We believe in full transparency with Wellness Rewards, so we make our pet wellness coverage as comprehensive as possible. For a complete list of what’s covered, excluded, and other plan details, click here to view our Wellness Terms of Services.

Wellness Rewards: What You Need to Know

Each pet is unique, and so are their health needs. Wellness Rewards is an optional non-insurance membership featuring a flexible wellness plan, the perfect companion to your pet insurance policy.

Syringe icon representing veterinary care and vaccinations, pet insurance can cover preventive treatments and unexpected medical procedures, ensuring your pet's health and your financial peace of mind.

Nose-to-Tail Protection

Coverage for routine vaccinations, lab tests, spay/neuter, grooming, and so much more.

An illustration of a piggy bank with a dollar coin on top, representing savings for pet healthcare costs, if a pet-owner has pet insurance in place.

Budget-Friendly Payments

Affordable monthly payments without sacrificing pet care.

Empty wallet with sad face, symbolizing financial strain from unexpected pet medical costs. Pet insurance helps protect against these expenses.

Get Money Back

Quick and hassle-free claims payouts so you can focus on your pet’s recovery.

Wellness Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How does the flexibility of a Wellness Rewards plan help me?

Wellness Rewards allows you to work closely with your vet to determine the care your pet needs without being confined to a checklist. Our pet wellness plan is designed for flexibility and full transparency, ensuring that you can tailor the care to your pet's specific needs.

Who has the best pet wellness plan?

At Embrace, we believe Wellness Rewards is the best pet wellness plan on the market due to its unparalleled flexibility. We allow pet parents and their vets to tailor the wellness care specifically to each pet's needs, covering a wide range of services up to the set coverage amount. Plus, you get immediate access to your plan's full amount, making it easier to budget for your pet's health throughout the year.

How does a pet wellness plan work?

Embrace’s pet wellness plan is an optional addition to your pet insurance that covers a wide range of preventative care services. The plan works by covering you for everyday vet, training, and grooming costs. You pay into the annual plan each month and have access to the full plan limit for eligible services from day one. And Embrace adds in an extra $25 of coverage beyond your plan payment just to help you out!

What is the difference between pet insurance and a pet wellness plan?

Pet insurance primarily covers unexpected vet costs due to accidents or illnesses that aren't foreseeable, while a pet wellness plan is not insurance, but is designed to cover routine and preventative care to keep your pet healthy. Combining both ensures that your pet is protected in both emergency situations and for ongoing health maintenance.

Should I add preventative care to pet insurance?

Adding a pet wellness plan to your current pet insurance policy is highly recommended. It allows you to manage the costs of routine care that can prevent serious health issues affecting your furry companion later down the road. This way, you're not just protected against large, unexpected costs but also investing in your pet's long-term health.

What should be included in a pet wellness package?

A comprehensive pet wellness package should include vaccinations, routine exams, dental care, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, and other preventative medications. At Embrace, our pet wellness plan goes beyond the basics with dog and cat wellness coverage, nutritional consultations, grooming, and more.

*Wellness Rewards is offered as an optional, non-insurance membership plan administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency in the United States. Not available in Rhode Island. © 2024 American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.