Pet Wellness Benefits for Dogs and Cats

Embrace offers affordable wellness plans to keep your pets healthy from nose to tail. It’s like a health savings account–but for your pet.

Embrace Freedom in Routine Pet Care: Dog & Cat Wellness Plans without Compromises 

Finally, there’s a pet wellness plan that puts you in control of your fur baby’s health. 

With Embrace, you get a budget-friendly, flexible pet wellness plan. You choose how much you need, and you get reimbursed 100% of the eligible costs for routine care expenses. 

Embraces goes beyond what’s available with just pet insurance by itself. You get peace of mind that you can keep your pet healthy without breaking the bank. 

Unlike other wellness plans you might have encountered, Embrace puts the health of your pet first. We understand that routine care is vital to protecting your pet’s quality of life and longevity. That’s why Embrace Wellness Rewards offers three flexible pricing tiers designed for each stage of your pet’s life. 

Instead of having to make tough choices about how to pay for what’s required to keep your pet healthy and happy, you get access to the routine care you need to fit your budget. 

  • No deductibles

  • 100% coverage

  • Comprehensive preventive care 

  • Personalized policies 

  • Dependable claim payments 

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What Do Pet Wellness Plans Cover?

Embrace Wellness Rewards is not an insurance policy but can be purchased in addition to our traditional pet insurance. While pet insurance is vital to cover the cost of emergency care and unexpected vet bills, these plans lack coverage for the preventive maintenance that your furriest family members need to stay healthy. This includes things like vaccines, wellness exams, grooming, and even chiropractic care. 

Without routine care, your pet is more vulnerable to contracting contagious diseases and suffer more from other illnesses like cancer, kidney disease, and arthritis. A pet wellness plan as an add-on plan to your insurance policy.

It will reimburse you for things that insurance doesn’t cover but are just as important for keeping your pet in tip-top shape.

  • Wellness exam fees

  • Vaccinations & titers

  • Flea, tick, & heartworm preventatives

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Fecal & routine blood tests

  • Microchipping

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Grooming

  • Medicated shampoos

  • Toenail trimming

  • Routine anal gland expression

  • Wearable pet activity monitors

  • Cremation or burial

  • Gastropexy

  • Preventative teeth cleaning

  • Prescription diet food

  • Training

  • Routine chiropractic care

  • Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture

What’s Not Covered in a Pet Wellness Plan

We believe in full transparency with our wellness plans, so we make our wellness reimbursements as comprehensive as possible. Still, there are some limitations. For example, wellness plans don’t cover emergency vet visits, accidents or illness. Wellness plans are an add-on plan to your regular pet insurance to reimburse for preventative care. 

This kind of comprehensive coverage and transparency are just a couple of reasons why we’re rated 4.9/5 on   

Pet Wellness Plan Options

Choose from three annual plans based on your pet’s needs. Each wellness plan is available at a low monthly cost as an add on to your pet insurance. 

No matter what plan you choose, the entire annual balance is available to use from day one for common expenses like flea, tick and heartworm prevention. 

Annual Wellness Coverage of $250

Ideal for adult dogs and cats, the $250 annual plan can help cover the cost of vet visits, annual vaccinations, and preventive treatments. 

Annual Wellness Coverage of $450

This level plan is purrfect for pet pawrents who visit the vet more frequently and stay up-to-date on routine and preventive health measures.

Annual Wellness Coverage of $650

Our top-tier plan is recommended for puppies and kittens who need spaying/neutering, vaccines and special care during their first months. 

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How Pet Parents Have Used Their Pet Wellness Plans

From microchipping to chiropractic care, Embrace pet wellness plans give you the option to provide care for your pet that isn’t covered by their insurance. 

Embrace Pet Insurance makes the claims process so simple- submit invoice online and that's about it. I also like their Wellness benefit plans- makes it easier to 'budget' for the essential wellness care things like annual checkups, vaccines, parasite prevention - even grooming! – Stephanie M

I have a puppy and wasn’t expecting to need insurance. I definitely used the wellness plan to pay for spay, but she had bad reactions to anesthesia. I had to take her to vet 3 times and all was reimbursed at 90% within 5 days! The wellness plan was great for spay and shots. It was also great for monthly flea, tick, and heart worm medication! – Linda

I used to have another insurance for my pet and it was always a hassle when I submitted claims, I waited for months for them to process my claims only to get $0.00 back, a denial etc .. however I only been with Embrace for a few months and I’m amazed in how quickly they process my wellness claims and how quickly I got the funds deposited to my account! Not to mention all really friendly personnel that actually love pets :) – Ada S.

Dog Wellness Plans

From romping puppies to senior dogs who’ve logged endless miles of walks, dog wellness plans provide what your best friend needs to live their best life. 

Reimbursement for wellness exams and vaccines is just the tip of the iceberg. Dog moms and dads also take advantage of Embrace wellness plans for dogs to cover grooming, training, and heartworm prevention and other common expenses. 

As a pet parent, you shouldn’t have to make tough financial choices about healthcare. With immediate access to a full year’s worth of benefits, you can schedule exams and other important care on your terms. 

Cat Wellness Plans

Want your kitty to be the cat's pajamas? Embrace is one of the best pet wellness plans to keep your feline friend purring and playing like a kitten. 

In addition to reimbursement for wellness exams and vaccines, Embrace’s cat wellness plans can be used for nail trimming, dental care, supplements, and even spaying or neutering. 

Side effects of the plan could include increased instances of your cat making biscuits and purring at higher decibel levels.   

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Plans

The first year of a puppy or kitten’s life can be the most expensive. When they’re young, pets require vaccines, spaying or neutering and microchipping. Plus, they may need additional training or routine healthcare that’s not typically covered with traditional pet insurance plans. 

With a single wellness visit clocking in an average of $200, having access to these funds from day one with a kitten or puppy wellness plan can be a big help for your budget. 

Comparing Annual Wellness Plans 

What makes Embrace pet wellness plans better than the rest? In a word: freedom. 

We are proud to offer a comprehensive pet wellness plan that reimburses many necessities for your favorite non-human family members, up to your plan limit. Sure, other companies can brag that they cover wellness exams and vaccines, but we go above and beyond. 

How you take care of your pet is 100% your choice, and you shouldn’t be limited because a company isn’t forward-thinking enough to extend coverage, or because they cap specific reimbursements with an arbitrary number. 

At Embrace, anything your pet needs for health is eligible. That includes acupuncture, Reiki, and even special food prescribed by your veterinarian. Choose the wellness plan that’s right for you. 

Wellness Plan Frequently Asked Questions

† Wellness Rewards is offered as a supplementary, non-insurance benefit administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency in the United States. Wellness Rewards is not available in Rhode Island.