Compare Embrace to Lemonade Pet Insurance

Embrace has been protecting the pet universe for 15 years, and protecting pets is all we do.

Lemonade just added pet insurance to its list of other insurance products in 2020 — and it shows. With a Lemonade pet policy, really common things like dental illnesses, Lyme disease, or heartworm treatments aren’t covered. Plus, Embrace doesn’t charge pet parents extra for 24/7 telehealth or exam fee coverage. It’s all part of our policy. 

Have more questions? Our Pet Insurance Advisors are here to help. Give us a call at (800) 779-1539 and we’ll walk you through it.


Select the pet insurance providers below to see how Embrace compares to other plans.

Plan featuresLemonade
Dental Illness CoverageCheck IconX Icon
Complementary Treatments CoverageCheck IconX Icon
Options for coverage of exam feesCheck IconX Icon
Extra office visits for senior petsCheck IconX Icon
Window to Submit ClaimsFull Policy Term + 60 Days180 Days from Office Visit
Pets Covered InternationallyCheck IconLimited Locations
Repetitive Behavior CoverageCheck IconX Icon
24/7 pet telehealthCheck IconX Icon
Grooming & RX Food Covered with Optional Wellness PlanCheck IconX Icon
Deductible Options53
Hip dysplasia coverage on all Accident & Illness policiesCheck IconX Icon
Reimbursement MethodDeductible then CopayCopay then Deductible
Preventable condition coverage includedCheck IconX Icon
Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding ActivitiesCheck IconX Icon
Available in all 50 StatesCheck IconX Icon
Has a Customer Care Team Available by Phone Check IconX Icon
Option to Enroll in Coverage by Phone Check IconX Icon
Offers Mailed Checks for Reimbursement Option Check IconX Icon
Flexible wellness planCheck IconX Icon
Direct Pay From Checking/Savings AccountCheck IconX Icon

20 Reasons to Consider Embrace Over Lemonade Pet Insurance

Embraced dog smiling

1. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Offer Dental Illness Coverage 

Lemonade doesn’t cover any dental illnesses. They only cover accidental trauma (e.g. a broken tooth).     Embrace’s dental illness coverage is the best you’ll find anywhere and covers gingivitis, root canals, periodontal disease, and more. Our policy includes dental illness coverage up to $1,000 every year, and no annual dental exam is required.  

80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some sort of periodontal disease by age three*.     

2. Embrace Includes Complementary Treatments with Every Policy, at No Extra Cost 

Lemonade Pet Insurance policies don’t include complementary treatments like acupuncture or chiropractic care, it has to be purchased for an extra cost.    

3. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Include Exam Fee Coverage 

Pet parents can only get exam fee coverage from Lemonade if they pay extra for it.     A late-night emergency visit or even a scheduled visit at your primary vet can include an exam fee — sometimes well over $100. If your pet insurance doesn’t cover that fee (or charges you extra to cover it), it’s like paying another deductible at every vet visit. We include exam fee coverage with every policy, at no extra cost.    

4. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Review Medical Records Till it’s Claim Time 

Lemonade doesn’t even offer to review a pet’s medical history at enrollment, which leaves pet parents in the dark about their policy, and what will be excluded due to pre-existing conditions. This can lead to frustration and slowed-down processing when the first claim is filed.  

Embrace offers an optional and free medical history review as soon as you enroll so if there are any pre-existing conditions, you’ll know how your coverage will be affected. And you’ll get your first reimbursement even faster.   

5. Embrace Gives You a Ton of Time to Submit Claims 

Life with a pet can be busy, so Embrace gives you your entire policy period (12 months), plus 60 days after renewal to submit your claims.     Lemonade Pet Insurance requires claims to be submitted within 180 days of the vet visit.    

6. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pets Internationally 

Lemonade’s policy only covers pets when they’re in the US. With Embrace, your travels and vacations can take you across the border or overseas, and your pet is still covered. For the specifics or extended time outside of the US, call our licensed Pet Insurance Advisors (800) 779-1539.    Also, submit claims to us in any language. We’ll transcribe them.    

7. Lemonade Pet Insurance has Lifetime Limits on the Questionable Things Your Pet Keeps Doing 

During any 18-month period, if your pet needs more than one treatment for eating socks or toxic plants or getting into scrapes with other animals, Lemonade Pet Insurance excludes your pal from being covered for that repetitive behavior forever.     Embrace covers one surgical removal of an ingested foreign body (e.g. socks, etc.) per policy year, and there are no coverage restrictions for any repetitive behaviors like injuries from cat fights or eating toxic plants.  

8. Lemonade Pet Insurance’s Medical Advice Chat Costs Extra

Lemonade has an online medical advice chat — but it’s only available to policyholders who pay extra.     Through our partnership with PawSupport, Embrace gives every policyholder unlimited, 24/7 access to pet pros for emergency-decision support and pet-health questions.    

9. Embrace’s Wellness Rewards Covers Grooming and Prescription Food  

Lemonade Pet Insurance's optional wellness package doesn’t reimburse you for things like grooming or prescription diet food. Embrace's optional Wellness Rewards plan reimburses you for those things, plus training, heartworm treatments, flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and a lot more.    

10. Embrace Offers More Deductible Options that Work with Your Budget 

Lemonade Pet Insurance only offers $100, $200, and $500 deductible options, which limits pet parents' opportunity to find a plan they can afford. Embrace offers multiple deductible options up to $1,000 so you can get coverage that fits your pet and your budget. 

11. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Behavioral Conditions 

Lemonade doesn’t offer any coverage for behavioral treatments for common issues such as aggression, pica, separation anxiety, or excessive licking. Our policy covers behavioral problems, exam fees for diagnosis, treatments, and on-going care, as long as the issue isn’t pre-existing.    

12. Embrace’s Reimbursement Method Gives You More Money Back on Claims 

We calculate your claims reimbursement by first subtracting your deductible and then taking off the co-pay, which means you get 7%–10% more back on every claim. Lemonade first subtracts your co-pay off the claimed amount, then subtracts your deductible, and you end up getting back less on claims under $1,000.   

13. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Preventable Conditions 

Flea and tick treatments, heartworm pills, and other preventative regimens and vaccines are not a 100% guarantee, and that’s why Embrace covers preventable diseases like Lyme disease and internal parasites.     Lemonade Pet Insurance doesn’t cover conditions that may be preventable with vaccines or preventative care.   

14. Embrace Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding Activities 

Lemonade Pet Insurance doesn’t cover injuries or illnesses a pet sustains while racing, working in law enforcement, or guarding.  As long as you let us know your pet is involved in any of these activities when you enroll, or when your pet becomes involved in one of these activities, you’re covered with Embrace.    

15. Embrace Pet Insurance is Available in all 50 States & Washington, DC 

Lemonade Pet Insurance is currently only available in 34 states and Washington, DC. If a Lemonade pet parent moves to a state that doesn’t offer Lemonade yet, they’ll be without a pet insurance plan, which can mean pre-existing conditions with another provider or no coverage if something happens.  

16. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Have a Customer Service Phone Number 

Sometimes you just need to talk to a human to get something explained or straightened out quickly. With Embrace, we’ve got an award-winning, in-house Customer Care Team full of nice and helpful humans, available Monday through Saturday.     Lemonade Pet Insurance has no phone number, and can only be reached via their app’s AI interface or by filling out a form on their website and requesting follow up.    

17. Lemonade Pet Insurance Doesn’t Let You Enroll by Phone 

Are you a pet insurance expert? Probably not. But our licensed Pet Insurance Advisors are. And they’re a quick phone call away to help you get a quote, answer questions about coverages, and buy your policy. Whatever the case, give us a call Monday through Saturday. And if you don’t want to talk to us, get a quote and enroll right here.  

Lemonade Pet Insurance policies can only be started on its app or website. Remember, no phone number.  

18. Embrace Lets You Choose How You Get Your Claim Reimbursements 

We let you choose if you want your reimbursement via direct deposit (fast!) or paper check in the mail (a little slower). The only way to be reimbursed for your claim with Lemonade Pet Insurance is to provide a routing and account number for a bank account.   

19. Lemonade Pet Insurance Tells You How to Spend Your Wellness Package 

Lemonade only reimburses 80% of routine and preventative care and puts per-item limits on some wellness categories. For example, if you didn’t spend the entire $50 dictated to be used for heartworm treatments, you lose those funds.  

With Embrace, your only wellness limit is the total amount you choose for the year. You can spend the entire wellness amount on grooming and nail trims, or spread it among lots of routine and preventative care items for your pet.  

20. Embrace Lets You Choose How You Pay For Your Pet Insurance 

Lemonade Pet Insurance only accepts credit or debit cards to pay premiums. Embrace accepts payment via credit card, debit card, and directly from your checking or savings account.