Compare Embrace to Pumpkin® Pet Insurance

Pumpkin Pet Insurance is new around here, having just launched in 2020. We’ve been protecting pets since the early 2000s. 

We have Pet Pros on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help answer your pet health-related questions and offer decision support when your pal stumbles into trouble outside of normal veterinary hours. Plus, we have an accident-only plan for those looking for limited coverage.  

Have more questions on Embrace Pet Insurance and Pumpkin Pet Insurance? Our Pet Insurance Advisors are here to help. Give us a call at (800) 779-1539 and we’ll walk you through it. Browse our website and FAQs for more details on our coverage

Embrace Pet Insurance Compared to Pumpkin® Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Pumpkin® Pet Insurance. Below we break down the key plan features of Embrace Pet Insurance and Pumpkin Pet insurance.


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Plan featuresPumpkin
Flexible wellness planCheck IconPer-item Limits
Deductible Options53
Direct Pay From Checking/Savings AccountCheck IconX Icon
Medical Records Requirement12 MonthsFull Medical History
Extra office visits for senior petsCheck IconX Icon
Pets Covered InternationallyCheck IconLimited Locations
Covers Working, Law Enforcement, & Guarding ActivitiesCheck IconX Icon
Window to Submit ClaimsFull Policy Term + 60 Days270 Days from Office Visit
24/7 pet telehealthCheck IconX Icon
Military DiscountCheck IconX Icon
Accident-only PlanCheck IconX Icon
Options for coverage of exam feesCheck IconX Icon
Highest Annual Limit$30,000$20,000

11 Reasons to Consider Embrace Over Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Pumpkin® Pet Insurance

1. Pumpkin Pet Insurance Puts Yearly Limits on Its Wellness Plan 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance outlines what wellness items are covered and puts a strict dollar amount on them, which means leftover money in its categories are lost if not used and can’t be rolled into other services. Plus, its wellness plan doesn’t pay you back for spay/neuter surgeries, grooming, and prescription foods.     Embrace Pet Insurance offers Wellness Rewards®, an optional non-insurance care plan that helps you budget for everyday veterinary, grooming, and training costs with no payout caps. 

2. Embrace Offers More Deductible Options than Pumpkin Pet Insurance 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance only offers $100, $250, and $500 deductible options, which limits how you customize its plan. We offer deductible options as low as $200 and up to $1,000 to help you get the best plan and monthly premium for your budget. 

3. Embrace Offers More Payment Options 

We let you pay with credit card, debit card, or directly from a checking or savings account so you have lots of flexibility. Pumpkin Pet Insurance only takes payment by credit or debit cards.  

4. Embrace Doesn’t Need Your Pet’s Full Medical History to Process Claims 

All pets have medical records, even if all that’s noted is that they’re in perfect health. In order to process claims, Pumpkin Pet Insurance needs a pet’s entire medical history, even going back several years – so that bout of vomiting your pup had four years ago could be called into question.  

We only need the last 12 months of your pet’s medical records (and for younger or recently adopted pets, records for the first visit you took them to).  

5. Embrace Will Review Medical Records Before Claim Time 

Embrace offers an optional Medical History Review you can request after enrolling. Our team will review your pet’s 12 months of medical history, and let you know what could be considered pre-existing, and for how long, so you know how it affects coverage. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance doesn’t offer any sort of review like this so you wouldn’t know coverage until a claim is filed.  

6. Embrace Covers Pets Wherever You Travel 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance only covers pets when they’re in the US. We have no coverage restrictions while you’re traveling or living outside of the US for up to six months. And you can take your pet to any vet in the world, there are no networks.  

7. Embrace Covers Dogs Working in Law Enforcement and Guarding  

If you have a working pet involved in law enforcement or guarding activities, we’ve got any unexpected injuries and illnesses that happen covered. Pumpkin Pet Insurance won’t cover anything that a pet sustains while in these fields of work.  

8. Embrace Gives Policyholders More Time to Submit Claims 

With Embrace, you have your whole policy term plus 60 days after it renews to submit your pet’s claims.  

Claims must be submitted within 270 days of the office visit with Pumpkin Pet Insurance.  

9. Embrace has a Free 24/7 Pet Health Line 

We’re partnered with PawSupport to give policyholders access to Pet Pros 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on holidays. And the best part is that it’s included with every policy at no extra cost. Pumpkin Pet Insurance doesn’t offer this, so any questions about your pet’s behavior, diet, or a possible emergency, would have to wait for your vet’s regular business hours.  

10. Embrace Offers Discounts to Military Members 

Embrace thanks our active and former military members, as well as our veterans by offering a 5% discount on their accident and illness policy premium (discount not available in NY or TN).  

Pumpkin Pet Insurance doesn’t offer its families and policyholders any discount for serving in the US military.  

11. Embrace Offers Accident-only Coverage 

We offer an accident-only policy for pets who are 15 years and older at enrollment. Our accident-only policy is also available for pets who have chronic illnesses before signing up for coverage since those would be considered pre-existing.  

Pumpkin Pet Insurance doesn’t offer an accident-only policy, so pet owners with chronically ill pets will pay for illness coverage they can’t use.