Compare Embrace to Metlife Pet Insurance

When comparing Metlife Pet Insurance's policy options against Embrace, there are some vital differences to take into consideration. While Metlife offers many deductible options to customize your plan, key features like behavioral coverage and dental illness coverage would not be included in a Metlife policy. Everyday preventable measures you may take to keep your pet healthy, like feeding your pet Rx food and grooming, would also not be covered under a Metlife Routine Care Benefit plan. Finally, Embrace Pet Insurance provides policyholders with conveniences like a 24/7 pet health line and no claim form requirement, unlike Metlife.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Compared to Metlife Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Metlife Pet Insurance. Below we break down some of the key plan features of Embrace Pet Insurance and Metlife Pet Insurance from 24/7 pet telehealth to dental illness coverage.


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Plan featuresMetlife Pet Insurance
Medical Records Requirement12 Months12 Months
Hip dysplasia coverage on all Accident & Illness policiesCheck IconX Icon
Dental Illness Coverage IncludedCheck IconX Icon
Grooming & RX Food Covered with Optional Wellness PlanCheck IconX Icon
Covers Vaccine-Preventable Conditions Check IconX Icon
Covers Internal & External ParasitesCheck IconX Icon
No Claim Form Required When Submitting Through Online AccountCheck IconX Icon
Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding ActivitiesCheck IconX Icon
24/7 pet telehealthCheck IconX Icon

7 Reasons to Consider Embrace over Metlife Pet Insurance

young woman embracing her dog

1. Embrace has a higher claim resolution rate.

85% of claims submitted to Embrace were processed within 10 business days in 2021, and 92% of claims were paid. Plus, Embrace has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is a 2021 winner of the prestigious International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service Institute of America.

Only 80% of Metlife’s claims are processed within 10 days or less.

2. Metlife does not cover recurring incidents of ingested foreign bodies.

Accidents happen, and sometimes the same accident happens more than once, like pets swallowing things that they shouldn’t. Embrace covers your pets’ accidents and illnesses as long as they are not pre-existing including intoxication, poisoning, and foreign matter ingestion.

3. Metlife’s maximum annual claim limit is only $20,000.

Embrace offers a customizable plan based on your coverage needs and budget. You choose your annual deductible (the amount you pay before reimbursements start), your reimbursement percentage (the portion of the vet bill you get back after you’ve paid your deductible), and your annual maximum (the most Embrace will pay you after you’ve met your deductible).

4. Metlife has a per-condition deductible.

Embrace keeps coverage simple with only one annual deductible, and you decide the amount based on the premium you’d like to pay. A deductible is the cost you are responsible for before you are reimbursed, and your premium is the yearly amount you pay for your pet’s coverage. The larger your deductible is, the less you may pay for your premium.

5. Metlife does not cover behavioral therapy.

Embrace covers behavioral therapy and training when it’s administered by a veterinarian for a covered condition. In addition, Embrace covers complementary treatments for covered conditions including chiropractic care, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and more.

6. Embrace offers a 24/7 pet health line. Metlife does not.

Embrace’s PawSupport pet health line gives you access to Pet Pros who can offer you around-the-clock decision support about your pet’s health. Access to PawSupport is included in every Embrace policy at no additional charge.

7. Embrace ranks higher than Metlife in customer service.

Since its founding in 2003, Embrace has insured over 590,000 pets and paid over 1,040,000 claims. Those impressive stats are driven by superior customer service, and has earned Embrace a TrustPilot score of 4.3 versus Metlife’s 1.8 score. Embrace is also highly rated with Consumer Advocate and Google Reviews, and named one of America’s Best Insurance Companies for 2022 by Forbes.