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You can’t predict when your cat will get hurt or sick. But you can protect yourself from costly vet bills with the right cat insurance plan.

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What Our Cat Insurance Plan Includes

Embraced cats are covered from nose to tail for every unexpected accident and illness. Our cat health insurance covers breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions, and all associated costs including:

  • Exam & Consultation Fees

  • Cancer Treatments

  • Diagnostic Testing

  • ER & Specialist Care

  • Surgery & Hospitalization

  • Complementary Treatments* & Rehabilitation

  • Dental Illness up to $1,000/year 

  • Prescription Medications 

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*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.

What's Not Covered

No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but Embrace’s cat insurance plan separates curable and incurable conditions to help you get the most coverage. Worried about pre-existing conditions? Request a Medical History Review. Other exclusions include cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, breeding, and pregnancy.

Embrace Leads the Pet Insurance Pack

When shopping for cat health insurance, pick a plan that doesn’t leave gaps in coverage. See how Embrace’s cat insurance compares to the competition.  

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Fair Evaluation of Pre-existing Conditions

While no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions, we distinguish between curable and incurable, covering curable ones after your pet is symptom-free for 12 months.

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PawSupport – Our 24/7 Pet Health Line

Our exclusive pet health line provides real-time guidance on everything from emergency care to diet and exercise. Just another way we’re there for you.

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Behavioral Therapies

Small changes can cause your cat to misbehave. Embrace covers behavioral therapies to help kick bad habits.  

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Wellness Rewards for Routine Care

Our cat insurance policy covers unexpected vet bills. For everything else, there’s Wellness Rewards†, Embrace’s flexible routine care plan that covers everyday veterinary, training, and grooming costs. 

For a full pet wellness plan breakdown, visit our Wellness Rewards page.

Wellness Rewards reimburses for:

  • Wellness exams

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Grooming & nail trims

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Flea, tick & heartworm preventatives

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Insurance for Cats of All Ages

Whether you just brought home a little furball or rescued an older cat, Embrace Pet Insurance has you covered.

kitten tabby cat

Insurance for Kittens

Our insurance covers kittens as young as six weeks old to give you peace of mind that their crazy antics won’t break the bank.

adult tabby cat

Insurance for Adult Cats

Just because adult cats prefer a slower pace doesn’t mean they’re immune to getting sick or hurt. Ensure they’re covered as they age.

senior tabby cat

Insurance for Senior Cats

Cats can be enrolled in our accident & illness plan up to their 15th birthday. After 15, they’re eligible for an accident-only plan at signup.

How Your Cat Insurance Plan is Built

Some factors that determine pet insurance plan cost can’t be changed. But Embrace lets you customize other elements to build the best cat insurance policy that fits your budget. 

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Your Cat's Breed

Certain cat breeds are prone to different genetic conditions, so the premium reflects that.  

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Your Cat's Age

Aging cats are at higher risk and cost more to insure since they are more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.  

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Veterinary rates vary based on location, so pet insurance companies consider that in your payment.

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Annual Deductible

You Choose

Pick from several annual deductible options. The higher the deductible you choose, the lower your pet insurance payment will be.

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You Choose

We reimburse a direct percentage of the vet bill. The lower the percentage, the less your payment.

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The Annual Maximum

You Choose

Select the annual maximum that best suits your cat’s needs – consider their energy level and whether they have access to the outdoors.

Policy Perks & Discounts

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Personalized policies are great, but discounts never hurt. Our discounts include:

10% Multi-pet Discount*   |   5% Military Discount*

*Discounts are subject to state regulations and may vary by state. Visit our Discounts page for details.

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Healthy Pet Deductible

For every year you don’t receive a claim reimbursement, we’ll reduce your deductible by $50 the next year.

Learn more about the Healthy Pet Deductible.

Submitting Claims Is As Easy As One-Two-Three!

We make getting reimbursed as fast and simple as possible! Accident and illness claims are eligible for coverage after short waiting periods. Claim Wellness Rewards from the first day of your policy. Here’s how to submit:


Visit Any Vet!

You can always take your cat to the licensed vet you trust. We cover everything from checkups and dental to emergency visit, specialists, and rehabilitation.


Submit Your Claim!

Upload your invoice through MyEmbrace online or our Pet Insurance Mobile App. Or, send it to us by email, fax, or mail. Our support team is here to help.


Get Paid!

Once your claim is approved, you can get direct deposit within three days. We process most claims in two weeks. And, you can check for updates anytime online.

Is Cat Insurance Worth It?

Cat insurance can be priceless for the peace of mind it provides, plus the financial savings when there’s a medical emergency. A policy with reimbursement for wellness visits and routine checkups more than pays for itself after a few years.

Insurance Cost Experiences

You never know what could happen to your cat, so having coverage you can count on makes all the difference. But don't take our word for it, check out what our policyholders have to say.

“I could have been in major trouble had I not had Embrace.”

Ghaal the Domestic Shorthair cat with his owner

Vet Bill: $4,369

Embrace Paid: $3,187.10

Cat Struggles with Multiple Health Problems

Todd- Domestic Longhair Cat

Vet Bill: $8,374

Embrace Paid: $5,779.24

Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Insurance