Insuring Your Pet in Texas

Say howdy to insurance personalized to your pet and coverage for any vet you visit, from Austin to Houston, Dallas to San Antonio, Fort Worth to El Paso and everywhere else throughout the Lone Star state and beyond.

Why We Recommend Pet Insurance If You Live in Texas

Four-legged sidekicks have a knack for digging up trouble. And in Texas, they don’t have to dig far to find it. Trouble can come from a crazy critter encounter, harsh weather, or another unfriendly pet surprise. We’ve wrangled a list of some of the most common claims from Texan pet parents:

illustration of a snake

Venomous Snakes

Copperheads, coral snakes, cottonmouths (water moccasins), and rattlesnakes all call Texas home. Easily agitated and possessing deadly venom, they’re a surprise your curious pet doesn’t want to find while exploring in the backyard or on a backwoods hike.

illustration of a coyote


Known to live in both urban and rural areas, wild coyotes can be predatory and territorial in nature. They often hunt early in the morning and late in the evening when it’s harder to spot them.

illustration of a tick

Kissing Bug, Mosquitos, and Poisonous Insects

You probably know the dangers of ticks and how mosquitos can cause heartworms in your pet. But in Texas, kissing bugs and spiders are just as dangerous, transmitting deadly diseases or causing life-threatening illnesses.

illustration of a hot sun

Extreme Heat

Maybe you’re accustomed to the spicy temperatures of Texas – even consider them temperate now – but the hot weather can cause your pet to overheat fast, leading to dehydration and heatstroke, especially in young, overweight, or elderly pets.

illustration of dna

Hereditary & Genetic Conditions

It’s hard to imagine anything wrong with your perfect pet. Under the surface, though, they may be suffering from one of the hereditary and genetic conditions affecting both purebred and mixed breed cats and dogs – including Texas's most popular breed, the Golden Retriever.

maxine the cat recovering after a coyote attack

What's Quicker than a Coyote?

A pet parent’s reaction to danger – and our claims process. 

Read how we were there for Maxine’s pet parents after a coyote attack.

Vet Bill: $3,572

Embrace Reimbursed: $2,296

Read Maxine's Full Story

Visit Any Veterinarian or Pet Hospital in Texas

No networks, no hassle. With Embrace Pet Insurance you can visit any general, specialist or emergency veterinarian in Texas, across the United States, or even around the globe. No matter what licensed vet you see, you’re covered.

[E]xceptional customer service. Can't recommend them more!

Nicola Austin, TX

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Texas?

Embrace Pet Insurance costs a fraction of that and can save you up to 90% on vet bills. Personalize a policy for your best bud (and budget) by picking your deductible, your annual maximum, and your reimbursement percentage. The cost of a pet insurance policy varies by breed, zip code, and a few additional factors. *Below are a few estimates to give you a better idea of what pet insurance might cost in Texas.

Species Breed Age Premium
Dog Mixed Breed 1 $30-$40 per month
Dog Golden Retriever 3 $35-$45 per month
Dog Labrador Retriever 5 $45-$55 per month
Cat Domestic Shorthair 3 $20-$25 per month

Got a minute?

That's how fast you can fetch your personalized quote. 

What All is Covered by Pet Insurance in Texas?

Embrace’s comprehensive pet insurance covers accidents, injuries, illnesses, and a whole lot of ruff stuff. (We even cover exam fees!) Get stoked and dig into all the doggone details of our coverage.  

  • Accidents

  • Dental Illnesses

  • Cancer

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Illness

  • Specialty Care

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Breed-Specific & Genetic Conditions

Wilson, our 10 year old Yellow Lab, was diagnosed with cancer recently, Embrace stood with us thru the complete process, no questions, no problems.

Steve Henrietta, TX

What’s Not Covered?

While no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions – Embrace included – we do distinguish between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions and cover curable conditions after your pet is symptom- and treatment-free for 12 months. 

We also do not cover cosmetic procedures (declawing, ear cropping, tail docking, etc.), breeding and whelping, DNA testing, or cloning.   

For routine and preventative care, we offer a flexible Wellness Rewards plan, which is the purrfect complement to your insurance policy. 

This is the first time I've ever had dog health insurance and am very pleased with the easy way to file a claim. The turnaround time for reimbursement was very quick.

Robert San Antonio, TX

How Does Pet Insurance Work in Texas?

With Embrace, pet insurance is simple: Visit any vet, submit a claim, and we get to work reimbursing you. We make the claims process so easy your pet could practically do it. Just complete our claims form (a few, simple questions), grab an itemized invoice from your vet, and submit both digitally – because who has time to print and fax or snail mail? That’s all. You’re done! We even offer direct deposit so you can get reimbursed quicker.

*Estimates based on quotes by Embrace Pet Insurance