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Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

Understanding pet insurance waiting periods is key to knowing when certain illness, accidents and conditions are fully covered by your pet insurance.

Waiting periods for pet insurance exist to prevent fraud and are required for all newly enrolling pets or new pets being added to an existing policy. If there were no waiting period, a pet owner could simply wait until their pet developed a medical condition and then enroll them in a pet insurance policy to have their expenses covered. While we desperately want all pets to have the best health care possible, this sort of practice would make it impossible for any pet insurance company to stay in business, which is why all pet insurance has some sort of waiting periods.

What is a Waiting Period in Pet Insurance?

A waiting period in pet insurance is a short period at the start of the policy when coverage for certain conditions or treatments is not yet active. Waiting periods help prevent fraud and vary depending on the type of coverage and the laws in your specific state. Once the waiting period ends, your coverage for those previously restricted conditions kicks in, and your beloved pet can enjoy the full benefits of the policy.

Is There Pet Insurance with No Waiting Periods?

If you’re searching for pet insurance with no waiting period, it’s important to know that all pet insurance companies have waiting periods to protect themselves. These waiting periods exist to ensure fairness and keep premiums reasonable for all pet owners. However, some policies might have shorter waiting periods than others, and we strive to keep ours as short as possible.

What are Embrace’s Waiting Periods?

All Embrace insurance policies have a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, while accident coverage starts on your policy's effective date, which you’ll receive when you sign up. Some states also have orthopedic waiting periods for specific conditions. These waiting periods or exclusion periods, can vary depending on your state. Click here to get the details, but as always check your specific Terms and Conditions for the final word.

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Starts on your policy's effective date

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Why It’s Important to Sign Up for Pet Insurance Right Away

Since all pet insurance companies have waiting periods, it’s crucial to sign up for coverage as soon as possible. By enrolling your furry family member in a policy right away, you’ll start the waiting period clock ticking, ensuring that your pet gets the protection they need sooner rather than later.

Nobody can predict when accidents or illnesses might strike, and securing pet insurance early means that you won’t be caught off guard, scrambling to find coverage when something unexpected happens. The sooner your pet is covered, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re prepared to handle any unforeseen veterinary expenses.

Signing up early also helps reduce the risk of a condition being classified as a pre-existing condition, which can limit coverage options. No pet insurance company will cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s best to enroll before any health issues arise.

Getting Pet Insurance Even with Existing Health Issues

If your dog has a current health issue, you might wonder if pet insurance is still worth considering. It’s important to remember that, although the specific issue won’t be covered as a pre-existing condition, enrolling in pet insurance is still wise.

Securing a pet insurance policy ensures that, after the waiting period, your dog will be protected against future accidents, injuries, or unrelated conditions. By investing in pet insurance, you’ll not only gain financial support for veterinary expenses, but also the peace of mind knowing that future care will be covered.

In short, getting pet insurance, even with an existing health issue, can help safeguard your dog’s long-term well-being and assist in tackling any unexpected future medical concerns.

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How the Waiting Period Works with Embrace

Waiting periods start on your policy effective date. Then after your waiting period has passed, your coverage for those previously restricted conditions starts, and you’ll be able to make claims on those conditions.

What If I Make a Claim During the Waiting Period?

Unfortunately, if your pet has a health issue during the waiting period then your claim will not be covered, even if it was an unforeseeable emergency, and those new issues may be considered pre-existing conditions. So, make sure to get the protection of pet insurance before you need it!