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How to Submit a Claim

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Get Your Invoice from the Vet’s Office

Make sure to grab a copy of your itemized invoice before you leave the vet’s office. A complete invoice includes the total amount charged, discounts, taxes, charges for other pets, blank pages, etc.

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Get all pages of the invoice, even if they
don’t have itemized expenses on them.

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Complete the Claim Form

You’ll need to submit one claim form for each pet on the invoice. Fill in the diagnosis, date of service, and total invoice amount. The diagnosis or reason for visit must match what’s in your pet’s veterinary records. Learn more about what a complete claim form needs.


Where is my claim form?
Your claim form is available in MyEmbrace online and in the app. We also emailed it to you when you enrolled.

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Your vet can provide the diagnosis or
reason that matches their records.

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Submit Your Claim Through MyEmbrace

You’re ready to submit! Log In to MyEmbrace online or in the Embrace Pet Insurance app, select Submit a Claim, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. You can also submit by email, fax, or physical mail if you prefer.

What if there is more than 1 pet on the invoice?
If you have more than one insured pet on your invoice, send a claim form for each pet you want to submit a claim for. You can do this in one submission through MyEmbrace.


What You’ll Need to Submit


1 invoice + 1 claim form = complete submission

Possible Claim Scenarios

Every claim is different, so if your claim isn’t as straightforward as one pet seen for one illness, take a look at what’s required for different scenarios:

Claims for Recurring Prescriptions
Have your vet’s office fill out one claim form with the diagnosis and the name of the medication and hang on to that form. Simply submit it with the invoice each time your pet has a refill. 

There’s a Pet on the Invoice Who Isn’t Insured
That’s okay. Please still submit the complete invoice with that pet listed. Because that pet isn’t insured, we will not set up a claim for them.

Claims for Visits Related to the Same Condition
If your pet has several visits for the same condition, each visit’s invoice is its own claim. We require a separate claim form for every invoice. 

Submitting Supporting Documents
If you have supporting documentation (chart notes, discharge summary, etc.), please do not submit those with your claim. You may upload those in the Submit Documents section of MyEmbrace (this is the Send Documents section in the Embrace Pet Insurance app).

What happens next?

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Keep an Eye on Your Email
and MyEmbrace

Once we have your claim, we’ll send you an email to let you know. The claim’s status will also be updated in MyEmbrace for easy tracking.

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Your Claim is Reviewed

Claims are processed in 10-15 business days as long as we have all necessary information. If we’re missing something, we’ll reach out to the vet’s office and update you in MyEmbrace.

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Get Reimbursed

Covered claims are paid by check in the mail (takes about 10 business days), or with direct deposit (funds arrive within 3 business days). You can switch to direct deposit in MyEmbrace. 

Your First Claim: What to Expect

Your first claim will take longer to process because our claims team has to review your pet’s medical history.

When you sign up for Embrace, we request your pet’s medical records for the 12 months before your coverage start date (if you have a puppy, kitten, or newly adopted pet, we request from the time you brought them home if it’s less than 12 months), and this information is reviewed upon your first claim.

The good news is that future claims don’t require this review and are processed much quicker.

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Claims for Wellness Rewards

To submit a wellness claim, simply:

  • Complete the claim form(s) by filling in the clinic, hospital, or retailer information and selecting Wellness Rewards as the claim type
  • Submit the claim form(s) and complete invoice with all pages including discounts, taxes, charges for other pets, remaining balances, etc. just as you would a claim for accidents or illnesses
  • That’s it! The claim status will be updated in MyEmbrace and we will email you with updates as your claim moves through the review process

    Wellness Rewards claims are typically processed in five business days or less as long as we receive all necessary information.

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How to View Your Claims

You can view and track your claims in MyEmbrace online or in the app. Claims are listed within each pet’s profile. Simply select the image of the pet you’d like to review claims for. Here you can:

  • View claims by date of service
  • Review the claim status
  • Reach out to our claims team directly via email
  • Download your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

view claims through mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

MyEmbrace and the Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app are the quickest ways to get your claim started, but you can also submit claims by:

Your claim form(s) can be found online in MyEmbrace and in the Embrace Pet Insurance app. It is also in the email you received upon enrolling with Embrace.

You can contact our Customer Care Team if you’d like your claim form emailed or mailed to you.

Each pet has their own personalized claim form.

This is the reason that your pet(s) went to the vet. Diagnosis examples include allergies, torn cruciate ligament, diabetes, etc.

If there is no diagnosis, or you are waiting on lab results, the reason for visit could include the abnormal signs your pet was seen, such as lameness, vomiting, cough, lethargy, etc.

An acceptable invoice is legible and includes the following:

  • Pet’s name(s)
  • Date(s)
  • Itemized list of products/services and their cost
  • Grand total including taxes, fees, discounts, shipping, etc.

For prescriptions filled by a pharmacy, we can accept drug labels that include the following:

  • Pet’s name
  • Medication dispensed
  • Date
  • Quantity
  • Total charge including taxes, fees, discounts, shipping, etc.


  • If you need to submit a claim for all of the pets on the invoice, please provide a claim form for each pet with one invoice.

    For example: If Fluffy and Spot are listed on the invoice, please submit Fluffy’s claim form, Spot’s claim form, and the all of the pages of the invoice with both of their names and itemized expenses on it.

  • If you only need to submit a claim for one or some of the pets on the invoice, please only send in the claim form(s) for the pets you wish to have a claim processed for and all pages of the itemized invoice.

We can only process a claim if we receive an itemized invoice that shows every charge. If you were only given a receipt at the vet’s office, please ask them for the itemized invoice as well.

If we’re missing something, our claims team will request the information from your vet’s office, but this can delay the claims processing time.

All claims and documents are typically confirmed by email within 2 business days of receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 4 business days of your submission, we may not have received it. Please contact us to verify or you may send them again.

Please note that if your vet’s office faxes or emails information to us, it can take up to 2 business days for the status of your claim to be updated in MyEmbrace.

  • We ask for 10-15 business days to process claims for accidents and illnesses, but usually they’re processed much quicker
  • First claims typically take the entire 15 business days to process because our team must first review your pet’s medical records
  • Your claim could experience a delay if we are missing necessary information (visit notes, invoice, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Claims for Wellness Rewards are typically processed in five business days or less as long as we receive all necessary information

The status of your pet’s claim is updated through MyEmbrace as it processes. It can help speed things up if you contact your vet if you notice that we’re waiting on something from them, or, if you have the requested information, you can use the Submit Documents link in MyEmbrace (including an invoice, visit notes, etc.).

Another way to help reduce claim processing time is to request a medical history review after you enroll but before you need to submit a claim. 

Once your claim is completed, your reimbursement is issued via your selected method: direct deposit or check. Direct deposits usually take 2-3 business days. Checks are sent via USPS and usually take 5-7 business days (the post office has asked that we allow up to 10 business days).

You can set up direct deposit through the payment setting in MyEmbrace online or in the Embrace Pet Insurance app, or by contacting our Customer Care team. You will need:

  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Type of account (savings or checking)
Visit the claims section in your MyEmbrace account online or in the app and select the claim you’d like to review. In the claim, there is a link to download your Explanation of Benefits.

That’s okay! If your vet accepts email, you can send them a copy of your claim form by downloading it from MyEmbrace and attaching it to an email. Our Customer Care Team can fax or email a copy to you or to your vet’s office as well – just contact us.

Please have your vet’s office fill out one claim form with the diagnosis and the name of the medication and keep that claim form handy. Simply submit that same claim form and the invoice or receipt each time your pet has a refill.

You have your entire policy term plus 60 days after renewal to submit a claim, so if you can’t get to it right away, you have some wiggle room.

If you submit a claim that you do not want to be processed (for example, if a wellness claim you submitted had illness items on it too), please let us know by phone or email before the claim has been completed.

Once a claim has been fully processed, it cannot be undone, even if you have not cashed the check.

No. Embrace Pet Insurance does not increase your premium when you submit a claim. For more information about premium increases at the time of your policy renewal, please visit our renewals page.

The Explanation of Benefits explains why the claim wasn’t covered. If you feel that the claim decision was inaccurate, you can appeal the decision.

You can appeal any claim decision that you feel is inaccurate within 14 days of our decision.

For the appeal, please have your veterinarian write us a letter or email that addresses the reason the claim wasn’t covered and the claim number(s). The letter must be on their practice’s letterhead or include the practice’s stamp. If an appeal is sent via email, it must come from your veterinarian’s email. Additional information that they may not have provided initially is helpful as well (medical records, lab test results, X-rays, etc.).

Appeals can be sent to:

Please note that appeals can take 15-20 business days to review. You will receive an email confirmation once it has been received.

You can request a medical history review after you sign up with Embrace Pet Insurance but before you submit your first claim. When you request a medical history review, our claims team will reach out for your pet’s medical records for all visits they had within 12 months of enrollment (if you have a puppy, kitten, or newly adopted pet, we’ll request from the date you brought them home if it’s less than one year) for review. You will receive an email of the review within 15 business days of our team gathering the full records to let you know what, if anything, would be considered pre-existing and for how long.

Embrace never requires a pre-certification for a procedure but it is available as an option. We recommend a pre-certification if your vet has recommended a course of treatment that is over $1,000 and/or is experimental. You can find your pet’s personalized pre-certification form in MyEmbrace.
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