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Dog and Cat Insurance in Florida

The Sunshine State is an idyllic place to live, and many of its residents own pets as cherished companions. Florida offers a warm and vibrant environment, with popular cities such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando attracting residents and visitors alike. 

Home prices, gas prices, and food expenses can be high in some areas of Florida, but they are not the only costs to consider. Pet care costs have also seen increases as the price of keeping our beloved furry family members protected becomes more expensive. 

Facing the High Costs of Pet Care in Florida 

According to our internal Embrace Pet Insurance data, we covered over 50,000 claims in Florida in 2023 at an average cost of almost $400 per claim. We find that Florida pets experience a lot of urinary tract infections, with normal costs for treatment ranging from $100 - $500 and going all the way up to over $2500! We also see a lot of gastroenteritis, with the average vet treatment costing almost $600, but treatment can run over $6000 in Florida. It’s no wonder why Floridians are turning to pet insurance coverage in increasing numbers to help cover these daunting expenses.

Get a Florida Pet Insurance Quote 

No matter where you live in Florida, Embrace can provide you with a competitive quote for pet insurance. Just tell us a little bit of information about your dog or cat, and we’ll fetch a quote that meets your needs. 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how that works: 

  1. Share some information about your pet, including species, age, and breed. 

  2. Customize your policy by choosing annual reimbursement limits, deductibles, and percentages. 

  3. Choose optional coverage for prescription drugs and wellness care. 

You’ll get an instant quote that you can adjust based on your needs. We also provide discounts for military, annual payments, and multi-pet households. 

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What Makes Embrace the Best Pet Insurance in Florida? 

Pet owners know to expect the unexpected, and having a simple, comprehensive policy to protect your pet lets you enjoy play time to the fullest. 

From emergency and specialist care to diagnostic testing and surgery, Embrace Pet Insurance helps you provide the best quality of life for your pet and gives you peace of mind. 

Embrace Pet Insurance reimburses for: 

  • Emergency care, prescription drugs, diagnostic testing, complementary treatments, and more 

  • Some pre-existing conditions may be eligible for coverage, particularly curable conditions once they’ve been cured for 12 months 

  • Exam fee coverage for accidents and illnesses is also available 

What Makes Florida Pet Insurance So Important?

We all know someone with horror stories about a pet eating a blanket or coming down with a sudden (and expensive) illness. Pet insurance means having the ability to get essential care without shelling out the full balance of the pet vet bill. 


We love Embrace! We have policies for both our dog and our cat. Our dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur and we have saved SO MUCH MONEY from her treatments because of Embrace. They process claims quickly and it's always been straightforward for me to sort out any disagreements as to whether or not something should be covered. The premiums are more reasonable than what we paid previously with another company...and the service is faster with Embrace.

- Brianna from Tampa, FL 

All I can say is WOW!! Embrace has been awesome! I have two golden retrievers pups and my vet suggested I get insurance for them. I did a lot of research and decided on Embrace and I’m so glad I did because I have bombarded them with questions...I’ve been amazed by how fast my claims were processed and the money directly deposited into my account. Thank You Embrace! 

- Margaret from Destin, FL 

My experience with Embrace has been nothing but positive.  I enrolled my dog when she was 5 months old.  Each time I had to use Embrace they always came thru for me...Embrace was there and covered the emergency visit, meds and everything.  Trust and believe, insurance on your pet is worth it, anything can happen when you have a curious pet exploring it’s surroundings. 

- Vicki from Orange City, FL 

Are You Ready to Protect Your Pet in Florida?

You’ve already taken a major step in protecting your pet’s health – researching pet insurance! 

Now that you’ve found the best pet insurance Florida has to offer, the next step is choosing your plan. 

Embrace cat and dog insurance is the right choice for pet parents who want the most comprehensive coverage available. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your pet’s health. If an expensive treatment is needed, it should be within reach. 

Whether your pet needs an oncologist, a behavioralist, or laser therapy, it’s covered by Embrace.    

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, coverage is still available that simply excludes coverage for those preexisting conditions. In addition, while some insurance providers exclude all preexisting conditions, we take a closer look. Certain curable conditions can be covered once your pet has been symptom-free for 12 months. 

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Got a minute for a Florida Pet Insurance quote?

Fetch your personalized Florida pet insurance quote faster than an afternoon rain in Florida.

Paw Support Included with Every Pet Insurance Plan in Florida

Have you heard the news? Embrace now offers Paw Support, a 24/7 pet helpline to provide pet parents with expert guidance from veterinary experts. 

You can chat with a specialist online, via email, or by video and get all of your burning questions about any topic answered, including: 

  • Medical concerns 

  • Pet emergencies 

  • Symptoms 

  • Poisons and toxins 

  • Chronic conditions 

  • Lab results 

  • Vitamins and supplements 

  • Holistic care options 

  • Behavioral issues 

  • Wellness care 

  • Diet 

  • Exercise 

FAQs About Florida Dog and Cat Insurance

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