Pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions

Support Your Pet with Insurance Covering Eligible, Curable Pre-Existing Conditions 

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

We love pets as much as you do, so we created pet insurance policies with compassion and understanding in mind. While no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, we make a distinction between curable and incurable conditions to give you the most coverage possible. Last year, we covered 93% of submitted claims. 

If your pet has a curable pre-existing condition and remains symptom-free and treatment-free for a year, we will cover that condition if it returns. Even if your pet has an incurable pre-existing condition, we will still cover them for other unrelated health issues. 

We believe that all pets deserve the best possible care, regardless of their medical history. That's why we offer comprehensive pet insurance coverage that is tailored to your individual needs. 

What is a Pre-existing Condition? 

A pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, or abnormality noticed by you or your veterinarian before your policy started, even if your pet never went to see the vet for it.  

These conditions shape your pet's unique health profile, which is why we categorize pre-existing conditions differently. Curable pre-existing conditions may qualify for future coverage if your pet remains symptom-free and treatment-free for 12 months. 

 Our commitment to you is to provide tailored, transparent policies with a dependable claims process and up to 90% vet bill reimbursement so you can navigate your pet's health with confidence and peace of mind. 

Curable pre-existing conditions in pets 

If your furry companion has been diagnosed with or experienced symptoms of a curable pre-existing condition prior to joining the Embrace family, we'll follow a 12-month observation period before covering any related recurrence.  

Here's our promise: if your pet is symptom-free and treatment-free for a year, we'll reevaluate and may instate coverage for these ailments should they return. 

Hereditary pre-existing conditions 

Regardless of their genetic background, we're committed to supporting your pet's health and wellness. Certain breeds are naturally predisposed to specific health conditions (like hip dysplasia). These are known as hereditary conditions.   

If your pet has yet to show signs or receive treatment for a breed-specific condition before the end of the waiting period, rest assured we’ve got them covered. Our dependable claims payments are a big part of why our customers rate us 4.9/5 on Pet Insurance 

Incurable pre-existing conditions in pets

We know your pet's health and wellbeing mean the world to you, and you deserve clear information about coverage. Before enrolling with Embrace, it's essential to know that some health conditions, if previously diagnosed or observed, won't be covered.    

  • Bone and Joint Issues 

  • Allergies 

  • Cancer 

  • Diabetes 

  • Lipomas or skin lumps 

  • Thyroid Imbalances (hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism) 

  • Urinary or bladder crystals or blockages 

  • Other chronic conditions 

We're committed to complete transparency and supporting you in making the best choices for your pet's health. 

Bilateral pre-exiting conditions 

Bilateral conditions are health challenges that may affect both sides of your pet's body, like hip dysplasia or a cruciate ligament tear. If your pet has previously faced such a condition on one side, recurrence on the opposite side is more likely and won't be covered.  

The good news? If your pet develops a bilateral condition after waiting or exclusionary periods with Embrace, rest assured - we've got both sides covered.  

Why don’t pet insurance companies cover incurable pre existing conditions? 

If you purchased car insurance today, it wouldn't cover an accident that happened last week, right? Pet insurance operates on a similar principle. We wholeheartedly understand and empathize with the emotional and financial strain that incurable pre-existing conditions can cause pet parents. We aim to alleviate some of that burden by covering the unforeseen, helping make future medical care more manageable.  

Buy Pet Insurance early on to avoid pre-existing conditions 

The sooner you secure insurance for your dog or cat, the more comprehensive protection they'll have against unforeseen health issues. This means that securing pet insurance when they're still a playful puppy or a curious kitten is ideal. 

 Not only does this provide the strongest safety net possible for your beloved pet, but it also gives you peace of mind, knowing you're being proactive about making sure possible hereditary or age-related conditions are covered so that you can provide the best care possible through all of life's unexpected turns. Your pet's health journey is a long, shared adventure, and getting insurance early is a compassionate step towards a secure, loving, and joyful lifetime of companionship.  

Should I buy pet insurance for my pet with a pre-existing condition? 

Absolutely! While a pre-existing condition might be a concern, remember that it represents only a fraction of the potential health issues your furry friend might face in their lifetime. Just like us, pets can encounter a myriad of unexpected health challenges—from sudden accidents to new illnesses—and having pet insurance ensures you're prepared for these unforeseen events.  

 Pet insurance offers you confidence and security, knowing that a significant portion of medical bills will be taken care of, allowing you to focus on your pet's recovery rather than financial worries.  

 Embrace pet insurance covers a wide range of issues, including accidents, illnesses, surgeries, medications, hospitalizations, and much more. Choosing to insure your pet, even with a pre-existing condition, is a testament to your commitment to their well-being and a secure, happy future together. 

FAQs about Pet Insurance for pre existing conditions