Customer stories

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our pet parents speak for themselves, sharing the stories of unexpected health issues their pets have faced and the vet bills that Embrace has paid on their behalf.

Image of a Golden retriever playing in a yard


Illnesses affect pets of all ages, so whether it’s a minor ear infection or something more serious, Embrace will be there, just like we were for these pets when they needed us most.

image of a Yorkshire Terrier playing with a ball


From swallowed toys to broken bones and every accident in between, these Embrace policyholders knew they were covered when the unexpected became their reality.

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Genetic conditions

Some breeds are more likely to develop certain conditions based on their genetic makeup. Embrace doesn’t have exclusions based on your pet’s breed as these pet owners found.

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As a pet owner, the word “cancer” is among the scariest – and so is the price tag that comes with it. Thankfully, these pet parents knew their pets were covered.

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Embrace’s optional preventative care plan, Wellness† Rewards, helps you budget for your pet’s routine veterinary, grooming, and training care – and people love it!

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Complementary treatments*

Sometimes less invasive procedures, like acupuncture or hydrotherapy, are just what the doctor ordered – and our pet insurance plan has them covered at no additional cost.

Every claim is different. Conditions covered in these claim stories are not necessarily covered for all pets. Embrace is not able to cover conditions that are pre-existing to the policy purchase and waiting periods.

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.