Dog insurance coverage

Protect yourself from costly vet bills with the right dog health insurance plan.

What our dog insurance plan includes

Embraced dogs are covered from nose-to-tail for every unexpected accident and illness. Our dog health insurance covers breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions, and all associated costs including:

  • Exam & consultation fees

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Procedures & treatments

  • Emergency & specialty care

  • Surgery & hospitalization

  • Behavioral therapy

  • Follow-up care, including rehabilitation

  • Prosthetic limbs, devices, & mobility aids

  • Dental illness up to $1,000/year 

  • Prescription medications 

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What's not covered

No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but Embrace’s dog insurance plan separates curable and incurable conditions to help you get the most coverage. Worried about pre-existing conditions? Request a Medical History Review.

Other exclusions include cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, and breeding.

Embrace leads the dog insurance pack

When shopping for insurance for dogs, pick a plan that doesn’t leave gaps in coverage. See how Embrace’s dog insurance compares to the competition.

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PawSupport 24/7 pet health line

Need advice on your pet’s diet? Wondering if a symptom is vet-worthy? Reach out to our responsive team of experts at PawSupport any time of the day or night for emergencies and questions alike.

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Exam fee coverage

Many pet insurance companies don’t cover the cost of the exam fee – that’s like having to pay an extra deductible for every claim. Embrace covers the exam fee for all covered accidents and illnesses.

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Personalize your dog's policy

Get the same great nose-to-tail accident and illness insurance no matter how you personalize it. Pick your annual maximum, annual deductible, and reimbursement percentage to fit your dog's needs and budget.

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Wellness Rewards for routine care

Our accident and illness insurance covers your dog’s unexpected vet bills. For everything else, there’s Wellness Rewards, Embrace’s flexible routine care plan that reimburses for everyday veterinary, training, and grooming costs.

For a full pet wellness plan breakdown, visit our Wellness Rewards page.

Wellness Rewards reimburses for:

  • Wellness exams

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Grooming & nail trims

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Flea, tick & heartworm preventatives

Health insurance for dogs of all ages

Whether you’ve just picked up your puppy from the breeder or rescued an older dog, Embrace Pet Insurance has you covered.

Golden Retriever Puppy


Our accident and illness insurance covers puppies as young as six weeks old to ensure their shenanigans won’t break the bank.

Adult Golden Retriever

Adult dogs

Adult dogs are older and wiser, but they can still find trouble. Insuring them in adulthood ensures they’re covered as they age.

Senior Golden Retriever with a Birthday Hat and Cake

Senior dogs

Dogs can be enrolled in our accident & illness plan up to their 15th birthday. After 15, they’re eligible for an accident-only plan at signup.

How your dog insurance plan is built

Some factors that determine pet insurance plan cost can’t be changed. But Embrace lets you customize other elements to build the best dog health insurance policy that fits every budget.

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Certain dog breeds are prone to different genetic conditions and the premium reflects that.

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Aging pets are at higher risk and cost more to insure since they are more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.

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Veterinary rates change based on where you live. We take location into account to give you the best deal possible, as this will affect what you pay for your plan.

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You choose

Annual Deductible

We offer a few different deductible options. Choosing a higher deductible plan allows you to pay less for your pet insurance.

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When your pet goes to the vet, we reimburse a percentage of what you paid for care. If you choose an insurance plan with a lower reimbursement percentage, your insurance payment will be smaller.

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Annual Maximum

Big dogs mean bigger vet bills, so we recommend picking this based on your dog’s needs and size.

How to submit a claim

The claim process for an accident or illness is a simple and speedy one. Also, claim Wellness Rewards from the first day of your policy. Here’s how to submit:


Choose any vet

Any licensed vet is eligible under Embrace coverage. We’ll cover your pet’s dental work, regular checkups, emergency visits, and more. Visit our FAQ for additional coverage inquiries.


Submit a claim

We accept invoices submitted through MyEmbrace online, our Pet Insurance Mobile App, or by email, fax, or mail. You’ll receive an email to confirm we received your claim.

While you wait for confirmation and reimbursement, our support team is here to answer your questions.


Get reimbursed

Get paid fast when you sign up for direct deposit reimbursement. Claims take an average 10-15 days to process. We’ll update you online on your claim status throughout the process.

Dog experience claims stories

No one can predict the unexpected, so having pet insurance coverage you can count on makes all the difference in the world. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our policyholders have to say.

Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix with Diabetes and Cushing's Disease

Vet Bill: $17,945.14

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