Compare Embrace to Spot Pet Insurance

When comparing Spot Pet Insurance to Embrace, remember three key points: Embrace’s accident coverage has a shorter waiting period; Embrace’s preventative care plan offers a larger reimbursement level; and Embrace’s preventative care plan has no payout limits. By choosing Embrace Pet Insurance, these three advantages can help you build a stronger protection plan for your pet.


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Spot Pet Insurance
Plan Features
Waiting Periods 2 Days for Accidents, 14 Days for Illnesses 14 Days
Preventative Care Plan Per-item Limits
Preventative Care Plan Max Reimbursement Level $650 $450
Minimum Age of Enrollment Eligibility 6 Weeks 8 Weeks

3 Reasons to Consider Embrace over Spot Pet Insurance

young woman embracing her dog

1. Spot Has a Lengthy Accident Coverage Waiting Period.

A waiting period is the period of time at the beginning of your policy when coverage is restricted. All pet insurance companies have waiting periods. However, Spot Pet Insurance has a 14-day waiting period for all accidents, whereas Embrace Pet Insurance has a two-day waiting period for accidents so your pet will be covered sooner.

2. Embrace’s Preventative Care Plan Offers a Larger Reimbursement Level than Spot.

Wellness Rewards is Embrace’s optional flexible preventative care plan that reimburses you for everyday veterinary, training, and grooming costs. It’s not an insurance policy, but pairs perfectly with your accident and illness policy. Spot offers two levels of care for their preventative care plan, Gold and Platinum. Their Gold plan has a $250 per year reimbursement level, and their Platinum plan goes up to $450 per year. Embrace offers those same levels with an additional third option at $650 per year. That’s one more way of protecting your pet in sickness and in health.

3. Spot’s Wellness Plan Has Payout Limits.

Spot’s preventative care wellness plan offers two coverage options, but applies a payout limit for every expense covered under each plan. For instance, Spot’s Gold plan only reimburses up to $50 per year for a wellness exam, and their Platinum plan only reimburses up to $25 per year for flea and heartworm prevention. Embrace’s Wellness Rewards, a flexible non-insurance preventative care plan that you can purchase in addition to your pet insurance policy, offers three coverage plans, each with a total fixed allowance to use at your discretion on approved preventative purchases, allowing you more freedom to manage your budget.