Compare Embrace to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

When comparing ASPCA Health Pet Insurance's coverage to Embrace, the difference is in the details. In the pet insurance comparison chart below, you’ll find important policy factors to consider when deciding if ASPCA's pet insurance is right for you. If you’re looking for additional information on ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, you can find a more comprehensive explanation of these features below the chart.


Plan Details Embrace Pet InsuranceLogo ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Flexible Routine Care Plan Yes Per-Item Limits
Deductible Options 10 3
Medical Records Requirement 12 Months Full Medical History
Diminishing Deductible Feature Yes No

Important Facts about ASPCA Pet Health Insurance That Could Affect Your Pet's Coverage

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance's policy lacks much of the flexibility of Embrace's offering. Fewer deductible options make it harder to get an affordable plan and the itemized limits on ASPCA's wellness plan will have you struggling to get the full value each year. Finally, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance does not offer a medical history review when you enroll, so you may be surprised by unexpected pre-existing condition decisions come claim time.

4 Reasons to Consider Embrace over ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

1. Flexible Routine Care Plan

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has itemized limitations for their wellness plans. If you don’t use the funds in their set categories, then you lose them. Plus, their two wellness plans don’t cover the same things, so you’ll have to pay more to get what you want.

Embrace promotes, rewards, and encourages healthy pets by offering Wellness Rewards, an optional non-insurance product that reimburses for everyday veterinary, grooming, and training costs with no itemized limits. And our wellness covers all the same things no matter which limit you select.

2. More Deductible Options

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance only offers $100, $250, and $500 deductible options which can be limiting when it comes to finding the most affordable plan. Embrace offers deductible options up to $1,000 so that you can find the perfect plan for you and your furry friend.

3. Simpler Medical Records Requirement

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance requires your pet’s full medical history to process claims – that could go back many years! Embrace only needs the last 12 months of records or, for new pets, records back to the first visit you’ve had with them. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also does not offer any review of your pet’s medical records when you enroll, leaving it to be done when you file your first claim. Embrace offers you an optional Medical History Review. If your pet has any pre-existing conditions, this review will let you know how they could affect your coverage moving forward.

4. Diminishing Deductible Feature

Embrace is the only pet insurer to offer a diminishing deductible. With Embrace’s Healthy Pet Deductible, your pet's annual deductible automatically goes down by $50 each year you don't receive a claim reimbursement. This is included with every policy at no extra charge.

Information last updated April 2018. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company. 
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