Cute Puppy Names: Find the Best Puppy Name for your Little Dog

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Cute Puppy Sitting in Grass

You’ve brought your sweet new puppy home but there’s one thing missing: its name! With so many cute dog names to choose from, finding one that fits your pooch to a T can seem like an impossible task. At Embrace Pet Insurance, we’ve narrowed down the best puppy names for you to make things easier. Our list includes some time-honored favorites as well as some with a more modern twist! 

Before settling on your pup’s name, you’ll need to make sure it checks all the right boxes first. We’ll walk you through important considerations (like personality, breed, and appropriateness) while providing you with plenty of options to choose from. So go ahead and grab a pen and paper, and let’s help you find some names you (and your puppy!) can test out. 

Let Their Personality Be Your Guide 

Finding the perfect name for your dog can be much easier than you think. Just think about what drew you to adopt your little sweetie in the first place. Was it her docile nature? His boisterous energy? Whatever your dog’s personality, use it to draw inspiration for cute puppy names like Buzzer or Angel. 

Follow the Breed’s Clues 

Sometimes, your pup’s breed can point you in the right direction. For example, your tiny Chihuahua’s size can spark your creativity, fueling you with little dog names like Bitsy or Bean. While a name like Spot for a Dalmatian is a bit overdone, irresistible names like Freckles, Chip, or Dottie can add flair other names don’t have. 

Take a Family Poll 

Choosing puppies’ names is an honor that your whole family will be scrambling for. Why not make the process fair (and easier on yourself!) by taking a poll to decide on the name? Ask everyone to submit a name and then vote as a family to decide the winning name. Live alone? Just ask your friends. They’re bound to have some great ideas of their own. 

Cute Dog Names Inspired by Breed 

Here’s a handy list of our top breed-specific names to get your creative juices flowing! 

  • Frenchie 

  • Bull 

  • Boxer 

  • Goldie 

  • Hotdog 

  • Sausage 

  • King Charles 

  • Doodle 

  • Pinch 

  • Dora 

  • Shep 

  • Yorkie 

  • Welshie 

  • Pompom 

  • Terry 

  • Schnauz 

  • Collie 

  • Grey 

  • Ridge 

  • Malt 

  • Rat 

  • Mast 

  • Point 

  • Heeler 

Top 150 Puppy Names 

These popular names for puppies will melt your heart. Scroll through our list and see which options jump out. From adorable girl dog names to unique male dog names, we’ve picked the best of the best! 

  • Dozer 

  • Flora 

  • Clover 

  • Jasmine 

  • Cleo 

  • Patty 

  • Jack 

  • Pippy 

  • Tweets 

  • Snippy 

  • Grover 

  • Oscar 

  • Pumpkin 

  • Stella 

  • Tigger 

  • Bouncer 

  • Jax 

  • Jasper 

  • Mystique 

  • Parker 

  • Floppy 

  • Daze 

  • Lucy 

  • Mollie 

  • Perk 

  • Speedy 

  • Scooter 

  • Bumper 

  • Fleece 

  • Rain 

  • Fritz 

  • Porky 

  • Lulu 

  • Gaga 

  • Turtle 

  • Fender 

  • Gaston 

  • King 

  • Princess 

  • Tucker 

  • Fancy 

  • Precious 

  • Creampuff 

  • Biscuit 

  • Flash 

  • Soot 

  • Star 

  • Sunny 

  • Brady 

  • Lemon 

  • Gertie 

  • Dash 

  • Ghost 

  • Tumbler 

  • Goose 

  • Holly 

  • Ticker 

  • Isla 

  • Murphy 

  • Scoots 

  • Millie 

  • Bricks 

  • Trucker 

  • Flossie 

  • Grin 

  • Jackson 

  • Glitz 

  • Shake 

  • Tron 

  • Crystal 

  • Cerberus 

  • Tonks 

  • Jordie 

  • Logan 

  • Rancher 

  • Yappy 

  • Ophelia 

  • Ginny 

  • Indy 

  • Cece 

  • Fran 

  • Happy 

  • Giggles 

  • Mixer 

  • Flipper 

  • Diesel 

  • Billie 

  • Dame 

  • Twister 

  • Fix 

  • Rosie 

  • Rabbit 

  • Prima 

  • Jewel 

  • Glitzy 

  • Dasher 

  • Prof 

  • Lissie 

  • Charlie 

  • Bumper 

  • Zeta 

  • Sadie 

  • Ash 

  • Wish 

  • Hunter 

  • Fox 

  • Gala 

  • Grim 

  • Kassy 

  • Romeo 

  • Toro 

  • Eloise 

  • Wimpy 

  • Queen 

  • Uma 

  • Looper 

  • Ren 

  • Yoyo 

  • Lightning 

  • Gamer 

  • Wendy 

  • Whisper 

  • Aria 

  • Vic 

  • Farmer 

  • Ollie 

  • Jumper 

  • Sassy 

  • Moody 

  • Glee 

  • Quirk 

  • Posh 

  • Haze 

  • Petey 

  • Penny 

  • Dory 

  • Zelda 

  • Itch 

  • Polly 

  • Glossie 

  • Boots 

  • Thumper 

  • Bear 

  • Marley 

  • Zoey 

  • Hazel 

  • Winston 

  • Zippy 

  • Noodle 

  • Bones 

Cute Bulldog Puppies on Chair

Cute Names for Your Puppy Inspired by Film and Cartoon Characters 

Turn on the TV and you just might find more names for puppies than you thought! This list includes some of the most famous dogs in cinematic history. We’ve also included extra cute names from characters that aren’t necessarily canine but who deserve a place on our list anyway. 

  • Bluey 

  • Scooby 

  • Rebel 

  • Beethoven 

  • Snoopy 

  • Yeller 

  • Max 

  • McQueen 

  • Elsa 

  • Perdita 

  • Pongo 

  • Zeus 

  • Sirius 

  • Nemo 

  • Goofy 

  • Shiloh 

  • Harry 

  • Ron 

  • Hermione 

  • Slinky 

  • Woody 

  • Buzz 

  • Chance 

  • Shadow 

  • Buddy 

  • Merida 

  • Maudie 

  • Macintosh 

  • King Fergus 

  • Rapunzel 

  • Flynn 

  • Wazowski 

  • Boo 

  • Sully 

  • Ernesto 

  • Miguel 

  • Dante 

  • Dug 

  • Russell 

Cute Puppy Names . . . From Your Grocery List! 

You might be surprised that we suggest glancing over your shopping list for inspiration! Some of the most charming puppy names come from our favorite foods. 

  • Hashbrown 

  • Pepper 

  • Butters 

  • Cookie 

  • Cinnamon 

  • Cocoa 

  • Waffles 

  • Ginger 

  • Twix 

  • Oreo 

  • Burger 

  • Bacon 

  • Sugar 

  • Spice 

  • Buttercup 

  • Snickers 

  • Cupcake 

  • Twizzler 

  • Eggs 

  • Alfalfa 

  • Cherry 

  • Carrot 

  • Dumpling 

  • Baker 

  • Peanut 

  • Spammy 

  • Donut 

  • Pumpkin 

  • Berry 

  • Milky Way 

  • Folger 

  • Pancake 

Doublecheck Your Puppy’s Name 

Before you start getting those dog collars engraved, make sure you follow these tips for choosing good puppy names. 

  1. Don’t overcomplicate their name. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a name, it can be tempting to give them multiple. After all, don’t we all know a pet with a name like Maxwell Shepherd Cunningham the Fifth? Trust us. You don’t want to have to fill this name out on paperwork every time you go to the vet! 

  2. Keep it friendly. Dogs with aggressive names are going to (unjustly) frighten people. Give your sweet pup a name that shows off their best traits. Likewise, make sure the name you choose is appropriate (i.e., inoffensive) and one that you will be proud to call your pet for years to come. 

Don’t Forget About Puppy Health Insurance 

Every pet owner knows they need to name their dog. But did you know investing in puppy health insurance is just as crucial? At Embrace, we offer plans that can help your furry friends stay in great shape throughout their long lives. When you choose a policy and an optional add-on wellness plan for your pet, you could save money on medical costs down the line. With the average vet visit costing around $61, you’ll want to save every penny you can to protect your dog. 

Planning for the unexpected is something all pet parents have to deal with, even when your animal is caught up on their vaccinations. Make smart financial decisions now so that affording a life-saving procedure for your dog is easier if the time comes. 

Your Dog’s Name is Their Calling Card 

With financial worries out of the way, thanks to a smart pet insurance plan, you can truly cherish those special moments with your furry friend. Remember, the name you choose today will be your pup’s name for the rest of their life. Get feedback from your friends and family before carving it in stone. Take the time to get their name right, just as you would with your other (human) children.