Female Dog Names: Cute and Unique Names for A New Girl Puppy

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Finding the Perfect Girl Dog Name 

Are you lucky enough to be welcoming a new puppy into your life? If so, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Besides purchasing all the puppy essentials, you’ll also need to settle on a name to call your newest member of the family. At Embrace, we’re here to help you find the perfect girl dog name. 

We’ve compiled this list of female dog names so that you can pick a name that suits your special pup. As you read through the names, keep an eye out for options that match your dog’s temperament and appearance. Does she look like the dog from 101 Dalmatians? Perhaps her name could be Perdita. Maybe her personality reminds you of your favorite singer? You could call her Mariah. 

You’ll be calling your pup by their name for many years to come, so you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you both. 

(Adopting a male dog too? Check out our article that features tons of cute boy dog names!) 

Popular Girl Dog Names  

Some female dog names have proven to be more popular than others. Here are the top 10 girl dog names according to Rover.com: 

  • Luna 

  • Bella 

  • Daisy 

  • Lucy 

  • Lily 

  • Lola 

  • Zoe 

  • Sadie 

  • Stella 

  • Bailey 

Draw Inspiration from TV and Movies 

When you and your precious pooch are at the dog park, you might notice some other names are especially common. When certain TV shows and movies peak in popularity, their character names do too! But even character names from some older films and series have remained popular. 

  • Robin (Stranger Things) 

  • Max (Stranger Things) 

  • Gerri (Succession) 

  • Willa (Succession) 

  • Barbie (Barbie) 

  • Midge (Barbie) 

  • Skipper (Barbie) 

  • Lassie (Lassie) 

  • Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 

  • Sabrina (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) 

  • Katniss (The Hunger Games) 

  • Elsa (Frozen) 

  • Anna (Frozen) 

  • Angelica (Rugrats) 

  • Minnie (Disney character) 

  • Ariel (Disney character) 

  • Tiana (Disney character) 

  • Tinkerbell (Disney character) 

  • Belle (Disney character) 

  • Lilo (Disney character) 

  • Wendy (Peter Pan) 

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Cute Girl Dog Names for Your New Puppy 

Looking for adorable and charming girl puppy names? Channel old-school names for a sweet vibe. Here are some cute girl dog names to consider: 

  • Poppy 

  • Zara 

  • Daisy 

  • Mitzi 

  • Audrey 

  • Flossie 

  • Gemma 

  • Rosie 

  • Gloria 

  • Hazel 

  • Cleo 

  • Hattie 

  • Mabel 

  • Bonnie 

  • Ginny 

  • Dottie 

  • Lissie 

  • Neve 

  • Scarlett 

  • Charlotte 

Unique Girl Puppy Names to Honor Your Dog 

Your dog’s ancestors were wolves who spent their lives in the great outdoors. Chances are, your new dog will love getting fresh air and running through fields, just like their distant wolf family. When choosing a name, consider names inspired by nature to keep that wilderness link alive. 

  • Fern 

  • River 

  • Breezy 

  • Pumpkin 

  • Petunia 

  • Willow 

  • Lake 

  • Rowen 

  • Luna 

  • Coral 

  • Soleil 

  • Eartha 

  • Venus 

  • Iris 

  • Violet 

  • Lily 

  • Brooke 

  • Aurora 

  • Juniper 

  • Autumn 

  • Sandy 

  • Jewel 

Check Your Favorite Books for Girl Dog Names 

Is your dog more of an indoor pet? Look to literary names for inspiration. If you’re adopting multiple dogs, you could even name them after famous literary siblings like the March sisters or the Bronte sisters. 

  • Jo (Little Women) 

  • Amy (Little Women) 

  • Beth (Little Women) 

  • Meg (Little Women) 

  • Charlotte (Bronte sister) 

  • Anne (Bronte sister) 

  • Hermione (Harry Potter series) 

  • Molly (Harry Potter series) 

  • Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) 

  • Galadriel (Lord of the Rings) 

  • Arwen (Lord of the Rings) 

  • Pippy (Pippy Longstocking) 

  • Jadis (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) 

  • Matilda (Matilda) 

  • Beatrice (Divergent) 

  • Alina (Shadow and Bone) 

  • Inej (Shadow and Bone) 

  • Meg (A Wrinkle in Time) 

  • Ella (Ella Enchanted) 

  • Mia (The Princess Diaries) 

  • Liesel (The Book Thief) 

Female Dog Names from Mythology 

Maybe your pup gives off major goddess vibes. In that case, you can turn to mythological names for ideas. All cultures have myths, so there are endless names to choose from.  

  • Athena (Greek mythology) 

  • Minerva (Greek mythology) 

  • Electra (Greek mythology) 

  • Thalia (Greek mythology) 

  • Freya (Norse mythology) 

  • Sif (Norse mythology) 

  • Skadi (Norse mythology) 

  • Izanami (Japanese mythology) 

  • Kishimojin (Japanese mythology) 

  • Marishiten (Japanese mythology) 

  • Brigid (Celtic mythology) 

  • Morrigan (Celtic mythology) 

  • Danu (Celtic mythology) 

  • Isis (Egyptian mythology) 

  • Hathor (Egyptian mythology) 

  • Nephthys (Egyptian mythology) 

  • Xochiquetzal (Aztec mythology) 

  • Mayahuel (Aztec mythology) 

  • Nuwa (Chinese mythology) 

  • Mazu (Chinese mythology) 

  • Jingwei (Chinese mythology) 

Female Dog Names That Pay Respect to Historical Figures 

Dogs with strong personalities might remind you of certain women from history. Maybe your puppy is big on the theatrics when she’s tumbling around the yard, and she reminds you of a certain actress. Or maybe she seems as smart as a scientist. Either way, there are plenty of strong females with names you can channel. 

  • Amelia (Earhart) 

  • Lucille (Ball) 

  • Ruby (Bridges) 

  • Ella (Fitzgerald) 

  • Marie (Curie) 

  • Anna May (Wong) 

  • Frida (Kahlo) 

  • Rosalind (Franklin) 

  • Yuri (Kochiyama) 

  • Rosa (Parks) 

  • Florence (Nightingale) 

  • Maya (Angelou) 

  • Sally (Ride) 

  • Gloria (Steinem) 

  • Jane (Austen) 

  • Coretta (Scott King) 

  • Bessie (Coleman) 

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Consider Dog Names in Other Languages 

Do you speak another language? Look to other languages for name ideas. 

  • Alma (Spanish) 

  • Dulce (Spanish) 

  • Lobo (Spanish) 

  • Bonita (Spanish) 

  • Suss (German) 

  • Lottie (German) 

  • Jolie (French) 

  • Valentina (French) 

  • Hue (Vietnamese) 

  • Chi (Vietnamese) 

  • Abeni (Yoruba) 

  • Monife (Yoruba) 

  • Meiying (Chinese) 

  • Lian (Chinese) 

  • Bianca (Italian) 

  • Contessa (Italian) 

  • Luca (Italian) 

  • Bala (Hindi) 

  • Indra (Hindi) 

  • Ladki (Hindi) 

Food-Inspired Female Dog Names 

Some puppies were born hungry! For canines who just want to devour everything in sight, you just might want to look to your pantry for inspiration. Some of the most unique girl puppy names come from candy, spices, and other foods. 

  • Ginger 

  • Saffron 

  • Olive 

  • Apple 

  • Candy 

  • Cocoa 

  • Taco 

  • Honey 

  • Bean 

  • Gumdrop 

  • Chai 

  • Pickle 

  • Peanut 

  • Cherry 

  • Mango 

  • Peach 

  • Sugar 

  • Snickers 

  • Hershey 

  • Snickerdoodle 

  • Godiva 

  • Cookie 

  • Oreo 

  • Toffee 

  • Waffle 

Pop Culture-Inspired Dog Names 

Channel the glitz and glam of Hollywood by choosing a name with a celebrity edge. Whether you name your sweet pooch after the movie of the moment or the socialite of the year, there are tons of options! 

  • Leia (Star Wars) 

  • Luna (Harry Potter)  

  • Pikachu (Pokemon) 

  • Skitty (Pokemon) 

  • Illumise (Pokemon) 

  • Miley (Cyrus) 

  • Kim (Kardashian) 

  • Hailey (Bieber) 

  • Gwyneth (Paltrow) 

  • Ariana (Grande) 

  • Samantha (And Just Like That) 

  • Carrie (And Just Like That) 

  • Miranda (And Just Like That) 

Funny Girl Dog Names for Silly Dogs 

We’ve all met a goofy dog that charms its way into our hearts. If your new dog is playful or has a mischievous streak, choose a name that fits that side of their personality. 

  • Wiggles 

  • Marry Puppins 

  • Sassy 

  • Sarah Jessica Barker 

  • Skittles 

  • Ditzy 

  • Miss Kitty 

  • Vixen 

  • Havoc 

  • Cricket 

  • Dasher 

  • Spunky 

  • Lightning 

  • Trouble 

  • Sassy 

  • Rocket 

  • Princess Muttercup 

  • Chewbarka 

  • Pee Wee 

  • Bone Rivers 

  • Melissa McBarky 

  • Munchkin 

  • Bubble 

  • Glossy 

  • Zinger 

  • Rascal 

  • Chaos 

  • Bullet 

Female Dog Names Inspired by Famous People 

Most of us have favorite celebrities, and there’s no reason you can’t name your new dog after a beloved female idol. 

  • Adele 

  • Bella 

  • Swiftie 

  • Billie 

  • Selena 

  • Britney 

  • Kylie 

  • Margot 

  • Rihanna 

  • Priyanka 

  • Celine 

  • Aretha 

  • Shakira 

  • Mariah 

  • Gaga 

  • Bey 

  • Anya 

  • Jenny 

  • Reese 

  • Madonna 

  • Kesha 

  • Emilia 

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Girl Dog Name 

When you’re picking your dog’s name, keep a few things in mind to save you both from awkwardness. 

  1. Choose a name that reflects her personality. Is she a cuddler? She could be called “Sweetie.” Or maybe she’s extra feisty and a name like “Sassy” would be a better fit. 

  2. Select a name that’s easy to pronounce. Your family and friends should be able to say your dog’s name when they’re around her. 

  3. Consider your dog’s breed and whether she has any special markings. Maybe her appearance suggests a name like Socks, Whiskers, Bear, etc. 

  4. Don’t choose an overly common name. While it’s nice to be able to easily pronounce your pup’s name, you don’t want seven dogs running over when you call for “Spot.” 

A Few Rules for Naming Your Girl Dog 

It should go without saying that you should never name your dog an offensive or inappropriate name. Likewise, consider whether the name will fit your dog in the long term. “Tiny” might be a good name when she’s little, but if she’s a Great Dane, she’s going to quickly outgrow that moniker! 

Don’t be afraid to change her name after a day or two of testing it out, either. If a name doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to stick with it. Ask your friends and family for advice if you’re out of ideas. The best names can come from others! 

Enjoy the Naming Process 

Most pet owners want to find female dog names that are unique but aren’t so uncommon that they’re impossible to pronounce. Don’t overthink the task and try to have fun with the process! Naming your pup is a way to bond with her, and it’s the first step in your special journey together. 

As you’re learning how to be the best pet owner you can be, don’t forget to purchase puppy insurance for your dog. The earlier you get her coverage, the better! This way, you won’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions. Plus, you’ll be prepared financially for medical emergencies. 

No matter what name you settle on, with the right care, your new family member will have a long and healthy life!