5 Best Medium-sized Dog Breeds for Apartments

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bulldogs walking on leash

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment with lax weight restrictions for dogs, we’ve got five dog breeds, all under seventy pounds, that make the best canine roommates. Mid-sized dogs offer the best of all sized-breeds when it comes to companionship, exercise partners, and sharing close quarters. And while these roomies may steal your food and hog your bed, they’ll pay their share of the rent in love and devotion.

1. Greyhounds

Weight: 55-88 pounds

Don’t let their professional reputation mislead you. While a racing Greyhound can dash at speeds up to 40 mph, that’s only because there is a fuzzy little lure out there that needs chasing. At home, most Greyhounds are content to sprawl out on your couch, preferably tucked in under a blankie. They’re generally quiet and clean animals with good manners and a gentle demeanor. Their high drive to chase small animals can make them sprint, even with their human at the other end of the leash, so be sure you’re able to restrain them if need be. But ask any Greyhound pet parent and they’ll tell you what wonderful, kind-spirited creatures they are.

2. Chinese Shar Pei

Weight: 40-65 pounds

The Shar Pei eagerly pledges its devotion and affection to a sole human, making them the perfect breed for any person living alone. While they can be social and loving with other people and pets, no one can replace their main person. However, they’re not overly affectionate and not prone to demand belly rubs, which is a plus for some. In addition to their dedicated nature, they’re typically quiet, clean, and don’t demand a ton of exercise. The Shar Pei enjoys training and is typically quick to be housebroken. If you like the sound of the Shar Pei, you might also want to consider the Chow Chow, a much fluffier, but similarly tempered dog.

3. Bulldog

Weight 40-55 pounds

The classic Bulldog we recognize most is the English or British Bulldog, and they’re both the perfect medium sized apartment dog. Despite their oafish appearance, their devotion to their people makes them very trainable and obedient. They’re affectionate without being needy, and likely to be social with other people and pets in your building. While they tolerate leisurely walks, they shouldn’t get too much exercise or spend any time in the heat as their facial structure makes the exertion downright dangerous. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance love bug, the Bulldog is your best bet.

4. Poodle

Weight: 40-70 Lbs.

Poodles are considered one of the most intelligent breeds around, so their trainability and social nature make them ideal medium sized apartment-friendly dogs. The Standard Poodle is a sturdy and healthy dog, considered to be good with kids, strangers, and other animals. They are reliable when it comes to housebreaking and aren’t usually big barkers. Be sure to provide your Poodle with plenty of enrichment toys and regular walks so they don’t become bored when left alone.

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Weight: 65-90 Lbs.

The largest in our mid-sized category, the Rhodesian Ridgeback could certainly fall into the “big dog” category, but their temperament is extremely well suited to apartment life. Despite their muscular physique, they require less exercise than similarly built dogs. Leash walks a couple of times per day and the occasional day at the park should keep them busy. They do have a strong protective instinct, but generally use their size instead of their bark to warn off strangers, so your neighbors are unlikely to hear much out of this big beast. They love their families and don’t require extensive grooming, so they’re a low fuss pet all around.

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