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Cool Cats: Most Popular Cat Names and Claims

By Kara Bednarik

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While cats tend to have pretty severe personalities, they can also have the sweetest streaks when they want. But no matter what, cats grow into their name so well.

Whether yours is named after a person or a television character, soon you’ll only see your cat when you hear the name. Embrace Pet Insurance sifted through more than one million quotes from 2020 to find the top 10 most popular cat names of the year. Ladies first:

10 Most Popular Female Cat Names

1. Luna 
2. Bella 
3. Lucy 
4. Nala 
5. Kitty
6. Lily 
7. Chloe 
8. Daisy 
9. Cleo
10. Mia

11. Lola 
12. Sophie 
13. Stella
14. Princess 
15. Willow
16. Pepper
17. Gracie
18. Callie 
19. Coco 
20. Molly 

Surprisingly, many of these are shared between dogs and cats – Bella, Luna, and Daisy topped both lists!

10 Most Popular Male Cat Names

1. Oliver 
2. Leo
3. Milo 
4. Simba 
5. Max
6. Charlie 
7. Loki
8. Jack 
9. Shadow 
10. Smokey

11. Jasper
12. Buddy
13. Oreo
14. Tiger 
15. Toby 
16. Salem
17. Tigger
18. Kitty 
19. George 
20. Oscar

Silly Cat Names

Just like dogs, it appears that cat owners have a tendency to name their pets using humor. Here are a few of the funniest names Embrace pulled from our quoter data:

  • Frida Catlo
  • Frisky Business
  • Rosie Meow Riveter
  • Sir Ernest Meowingway
  • Meowchelle Obama

Common Cat Diagnoses*

While we were digging through our data, we found the most common cat claims and the average cost in 2020 as well:

  1. Intestinal issues (diarrhea/vomiting): $389
  2. Lymphoma: $2,904
  3. Hyperthyroidism: $484
  4. Kidney disease: $557
  5. Diabetes mellitus: $638
  6. Inflammatory bowel disease: $551
  7. Urinary tract infection: $326
  8. Weight loss/decrease in appetite: $394
  9. Lethargy: $397
  10. Upper respiratory infection: $217

*Based on 2020 Embrace claims data.

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