Golden Retriever Pet Insurance

The dictionary definition of the “All-American Pet” is the Golden Retriever backed by a white picket fence. Protect your Golden Retriever with a nose-to-tail pet insurance plan designed by real pet parents. 

Golden Retriever Fun Facts

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Place of Origin:


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Bred For:

Sporting & Companionship


Height from Shoulder:

23-24 Inches (Male), 21-22 Inches (Female)



65-75 Pounds (Male) 55-65 Pounds (Female)

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10-12 Years


Energy Level:


Golden Retriever

Full Report on the Golden Retriever’s Temperament and Personality

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly dogs who get along with pretty much everyone – from kids to seniors and even cats. Though they do often show their excitement by jumping up on those they find interesting, so it’s important to train them early. 

With their outgoing nature, it’s very important to socialize your Golden Retriever and keep them occupied. A bored dog can be a scary thing, and your furry friend will let you know by chewing up shoes, furniture – even drywall!   

They’re also heavy shedders and have a thick undercoat that requires frequent brushing to maintain. A good grooming routine is essential for Golden pet parents whether you do it yourself or find a professional groomer.  

Why Get Pet Insurance for Your Golden Retriever Dogs? 

As pure breed dogs, Golden Retrievers are at a higher risk for certain health and genetic conditions. Heart problems and cataracts are two of the most common issues to plague this pet. 

Golden Retrievers are more susceptible than other breeds to issues with their hips and elbows. Whether they are born with the disorders or caused by an injury or illness, these conditions are usually treated with alternative therapiesongoing medications, and surgery; all covered under our dog insurance plan.  

Goldens are also infamous for having issues with their eyes including entropion (where either the top or bottom eyelid rolls into the eye) that is very painful if left untreated, as well as cataracts (when the ocular lens becomes cloudy). Keep up with routine vet visits and feed your Golden a high-quality diet to prevent some of these common conditions. 

Golden Retriever Pet Insurance for Boeing the Dog

Upset Stomach Leads to Gastroenteritis

Boeing the Golden Retriever was on a family trip that landed him in the hospital. Check out how Embrace helped Sheri cover Boeing's emergency hospital stay and medication.

Vet Bill: $2,642.80

Embrace Reimbursed: $2,378.52

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Risk Factors and Costs for Common Golden Retriever Health Issues 

From hip dysplasia to ichthyosis, here are some common Golden Retriever health issues. Information based on Embrace claims data. 

Condition Risk Profile Cost to Diagnose and Treat
Cancer High $8,000-$15,000
Hip Dysplasia High $1,500-$6,000
Sub-Aortic Stenosis Medium $500-$1,500
Elbow Dysplasia Medium $1,500-$4,000
Osteochondrosis of the Shoulder/Elbow Medium $2,000-$4,000
Portosystemic Shunts Medium $2,000-$6,000
Entropion High $300-$1,500
Cataracts High $1,500-$5,000
Ichthyosis High $200-$1,000

Estimates based on claims paid by Embrace Pet Insurance.

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The day of my dog’s accident was the worst day of my life… I had no idea how easy the [claims process] was, and the amount was a HUGE burden off my shoulders. I am beyond grateful and happy that I purchased Embrace Pet Insurance for my 2 Golden Retrievers. 

Melanie R.Cali and Cooper's Pet Parent

Average Cost to Insure Your Golden Retriever 

For comprehensive accident and illness coverage, the majority of our Golden Retriever pet parents pay between $39 and $86 per month.* 

Full coverage pet insurance may cost more or less depending on where you live, your dog’s age, and what policy parameters you choose. 

Policies for Goldens can cost more than those for mixed breed dogs because they are much more likely than mixed breed dogs to make claims for hereditary conditions that are expensive to treat. 

How Does Our Dog Insurance Work?

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Visit Any Vet

With no networks, you can take your pet to any licensed neighborhood or specialty vet, emergency room, or rehabilitation facility.

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Submit Your Claim

File a claim 24/7 through your personal MyEmbrace customer account in mere minutes with just your pet’s diagnosis and an itemized invoice from your vet.

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We Get to Work!

We'll keep you informed on your claim's status every step of the way. Plus, we offer direct deposit so you can get your reimbursement even quicker.

Golden Retriever insurance for Gastroenteritis

Golden Retriever with Gastroenteritis and Gastric Bleeding

When happy-go-lucky, energetic Oliver wasn't himself, his pet parent, Kaitlyn, knew something was wrong.

Check out how Embrace helped Kaitlyn cover Oliver's multiple emergency visits and diagnostic tests. Vet Bill: $1,837.42

Embrace Reimbursed: $1,069.94

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*Insurance cost based on a 3-year-old male Golden Retriever with a $10,000 annual maximum, $500 annual deductible, and 80% reimbursement rate.