Vet Bill Customer Story
$15,935 Retriever with Soft-tissue Sarcoma
$13,516 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
$8,479 Jack Russell Terrier with Mast Cell Tumor
$7,981 B-cell Neoplasm
$7,717 Bone Cancer in Shepherd Mix
$7,161 Vaccine-induced Fibrosarcoma in Cat
$6,376 Mast Cell Tumor in Labrador Retriever
$4,919 Histiocytic Sarcoma in Scottish Terrier
$4,661 Carcinoma in Middle-Aged, Mixed Breed Dog
$4,279 Lymphadenopathy
$3,739 Oral Mast Cell Tumor
$3,635 Splenic Tumor
$2,988 Cat with Basal Cell Carcinoma
$2,807 Labrador Retriever Mix with Aggressive Eye Cancer
$2,011 Hemangiosarcoma in Great Dane
$1,659 Lymphoma in a Mixed Breed Cat
$968 Mast Cell Tumor
$820 Unknown Adrenal Mass
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