Tamaskan's Health Issues and Ligament Tear

Vet Bill: $6,190

Tamaskan in Field

An active traveler, Kelly M. knew that she wanted to get pet insurance when she adopted her Tamaskan Kada -- but she didn't anticipate having to use it within the first year. Kelly told us how she was able to get Kada the best care with Embrace.

"Kada is a seven-year-old Tamaskan. I got her when she was about seven and a half weeks old. I lived in Las Vegas at the time, and she's been my sidekick ever since.

We go on adventures all the time, including hiking, camping, going to lakes, and Kada even goes paddle boarding. She loves swimming and chasing after birds and small furry things. She had visited 20 states before she turned one year old and she's been across the country five times. We travel around a lot but are now settled in Northern California.

When I first got her, I knew I wanted to get pet insurance, so I searched around, and Embrace seemed to be the best option for us at the time. I'm so thankful I did. My dad actually made fun of me for getting pet insurance, but it paid off twice in the first year.

The first eight months that I had her, she had giardia four or five times, so we were in and out of the vet and constantly getting meds. After the giardia cleared up, I noticed that she continued to have really bad breath. Not the puppy breath smell, but more like this rotting dead fish smell. I finally took her to the vet, and they determined that she had a dead tooth that was rotting in her mouth. They put her under anesthesia to pull the tooth. She recovered with no hassle, but without Embrace, I would have been on the hook for around $2,500 in vet bills in just her first year.

The last major claim that we had was her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). She tore that and that was a devastating injury for her because we're so active. But we were able to get the surgery because of Embrace. I only had to pay for 20% of the surgery, and it made it super affordable and a no-brainer on what to do.

Embrace made the claims process super easy. In the last seven years, I haven't had a single issue. We've had a bunch of minor visits to the vet in between those major ones and they've all been covered no questions asked. If I call up and ask a question, they're all super easy to talk to, really friendly, and genuinely care about my dog.

Right now, Kada is doing fantastic. She is healed from her CCL surgery and she runs around with her doggy friends, chases balls and birds, goes swimming, and is just living her best life. I can't thank Embrace enough for making it financially possible to be able to give her the best life possible."

Kada’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $6,190.32
Covered Charges $6,143.32
Annual Deductible $1,000.00
Copay $1,028.66
Total Embrace Reimbursement $4,114.66

Kada has a $500 annual deductible. These claims took place over multiple policy years.