Accident Claim Stories

Accidents happen. When they do, Embrace will be there to help with the vet bills.

Many accidents will require a visit to your regular veterinarian, but serious accidents often mean a visit to the veterinary ER where bills can add up fast.

See how other pet parents have benefited from having Embrace when an unforeseen accident sent their pet to the vet.

Vet Bill Customer Story
$20,004 Surgeries and Alternative Therapies Needed to Save Mixed Breed Dog
$16,996 Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear, Foreign Body, Gastroenteritis and Mast Cell Tumor
$12,613 Labrador Swallows Sock: Harry’s Miraculous Recovery
$12,169 Cat Recovers from Car Accident
$12,010 Grass Awn Causes Heart Abscess in Hunting Dog
$10,379 Labrador Mix Hit By Car
$9,781 Rottweiler Puppy Suffers Complications After Routine Surgery
$8,150 Miniature Australian Shepherd with Herniated Disk
$7,748 Husky Injured Jumping from Car Window
$6,989 Dog Tears His Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
$6,382 Dog Attacked By Bear
$6,190 Active Tamaskan Struggles with Health Issues and Cruciate Ligament Tear
$5,648 Cat Swallows Ribbon
$5,503 Scottish Terrier Hit By Car
$5,379 Curiosity Leads to Cat Eating Litter
$5,376 French Bulldog Bit a Toad
$5,157 Cat Trapped in Car Engine
$5,157 Dangerous Snake Bites for a Great Dane
$4,991 Newfoundland Bloats During the Holidays
$4,975 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ate Gum with Xylitol
$4,323 Yorkipoo Attacked by Dog
$4,061 Freak Accident Results in a Broken Leg for a Cat
$3,829 Foreign Body Ingestion in Crated Lab
$3,818 Biceps Tendinopathy for a Dockdiving Retriever
$3,779 Cat's Femoral Fracture Requires FHO
$3,669 Postoperative complications in a Great Dane Mix
$3,572 Cat Attacked by Coyote
$3,434 Senior Beagle Gets a Bizarre Diagnosis
$3,125 Neapolitan Mastiff Tears Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
$2,966 Cat Swallows Shoelace
$2,811 Beagle Suffers from Raisin Intoxication
$2,648 Labrador Retriever Suffers Heat Stroke
$2,623 Gastric Torsion (bloat)
$2,406 Foreign Body Ingestion - Clothing
$2,249 Dapple Dachshund Eats Plastic
$2,092 Akita Puppy Attacked In Yard
$2,001 Extraction of Fractured Tooth in Labrador
$1,882 Newfoundland Swallows a Rock
$1,852 Miniature Dachshund has a Broken Tooth
$1,718 Labrador Retriever Eats Ibuprofen
$1,658 Puppy Suffers from Grape Intoxication
$1,636 Chihuahua Recovers From Dog Attack
$1,542 Dog Requires Foreign Body Surgery
$1,483 Dog with Bite Wounds
$1,465 Grape Intoxication
$1,402 Greyhound Swallows a Corn Cob
$1,278 Mushroom Intoxication
$1,190 Labrador Retriever Eats Electrical Cord & Toy
$990 Toad Poisoning
$988 Tylenol Toxicity
$293 Great Pyrenees Attacked at Dog Park
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