Summer Bucket List for You and Your Dog

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woman playing with dogs on beach

It is officially summer and that means warm evening dog walks, beach days, and more! Sometimes it’s nice to just let the summer days drift by, but having a few adventures makes the warm days that much more memorable.

We’re sure you’ve got some plans of your own, but here are a few ideas most dogs would love to see added onto their bucket list:

Tour Local Pet-friendly Patios

Pick three or four of your city’s most popular hangouts that have pet-friendly patios. Be it a bar, coffee house, or restaurant, make a list and check them off. It is a great way to meet other pet parents, get some fresh air, and enjoy a little chill time with your dog. Your pooch would enjoy getting a spare French fry or two – but don’t overdo it or you’ll both regret it later.

Take a Hike Together

It doesn’t have to be a day-long trek but getting off the beaten path will provide you and your dog with some fresh scenery and release endorphins. Find a local hiking group or head out on your own. Remember to pack some pet-friendly snacks and plenty of water. If you need help preparing, check out our list on how to have a fun and safe hike. Start out light for your first venture and soon you’ll be ready to go a little further next time. And you’ll have a tuckered out pup once they get back to home base.

Go for Ice Cream

Nearly every walk-up ice cream stand offers treats for your dog now. Whether it’s their own special recipe or a pre-made item, your dog won’t mind. Take a few minutes to enjoy a scoop of your favorite flavor in one hand with your best friend’s leash in the other. Bonus points if you invite a friend or maybe younger family members to tag along and spend some time together.

Outdoor Yoga with Your Dog

Some Yogis offer pet-friendly yoga venues, but if that’s not your speed grab a tablet and queue up one of the millions of yoga videos online. Spend 30 minutes on your patio or deck with your dog close by. They won’t judge if you can’t do downward facing dog as well as they can.

Swim in Open Water

It doesn’t have to be an ocean-side adventure, but nearly every dog enjoys a trip to the beach. Spend a little time throwing sticks on the shore or exploring the coast with your dog. They love the smells and cool water and it’s the perfect chance for you to get your toes in the sand. Don’t allow your dog to drink the water, especially if it has been sitting still for a period of time. Water that has been stagnant can lead to toxic algae growth which can be fatal in animals if consumed.

Teach Them a New Trick

It doesn’t have to be fancy or even particularly useful. But take a few minutes a day to step outside and practice a new trick with your dog. Keep it funny and fun for both of you. You can teach them to “peak-a-boo”, to weave between your legs, or to take a bow and impress all your friends! Make a funny spin on an old trick by teaching them to do the trick on cue to you singing a funny song lyric. Nothing bonds a parent and dog team and boosts a dog’s confidence like training.

Just remember: have fun, take lots of pictures, and live it up with your doggie sidekick.