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10 Top-rated Kitten Toys on Amazon

By Liz Palika

“Play” and “kittens” go hand in hand, so it’s important to keep a variety of kitten toys around the house to keep her happy and busy. Plus, if your kitten is playing with her own toys, she’s less apt to get into trouble. Let’s take a look at the top-rated kitten toys on Amazon from February 2019.

1. Mibote 24-piece Assorted Cat and Kitten Toys

5 stars

Mibote 24-piece Assorted Cat and Kitten Toys includes a wide variety of things cats love, including crinkle balls, several catnip toys, balls with bells inside, and toys of various sizes and shapes to appeal to all kittens. A short tunnel made of nylon with a sturdy frame makes a great hiding spot. A flirt pole toy tops off this package of fun toys.

petjollies interactive catnip toy balls

2. Pet Jollies Interactive Catnip Toy Balls for Cats and Kittens

5 stars

Pet Jollies Interactive Catnip Toy Balls (pictured) are two inches in diameter and are topped with feathers to make them more fun. They are stuffed with catnip and when squished, make a crinkle sound. They are designed for both interactive play and solo play.

3. Pet Craft Supplies Kitty Condor

5 stars

Cats love to hunt, so what’s better than this goofy looking stuffed toy bird? Made of textured plush and stuffed with organic catnip, the Kitty Condor has feathers on its head and for wings. Made of nontoxic materials, this bird encourages hunting, pouncing, and kicking.

4. Cat Toy Feather Wand

5 stars

Kittens love to chase toys that move, and this Feather Wand four pack of flirt poles is something that all cats love. The toy at the end of the flirt pole is made up of several feathers. Bells and beads make the toy even more attractive.

5. SmartyCat Organic Catnip Toy Mice

5 stars

What do cats (and kittens) like to play with? Mice, of course. These Catnip Toy Mice have a faux fur exterior and a feathered tail. Inside is a rattle so that as your kitten plays with the toy, it makes a sound she can track as the toy mouse is batted around. There are ten mice in the package which also comes with a storage bag.

ecocity cat flirt pole

6. EcoCity Cat Toys Flirt Pole

4.5 stars

This flirt pole toy (pictured) comes with four replacement feather toys so if your kitten destroys one of the feathered toys, additional toys are available. The wand (pole) is retractable, lightweight, and flexible. Additional feather toy replacements can be purchased separately.

7. Easyology Premium Kitty Cat Tunnel

4.5 stars

Cats love places to hide and this 36-inch-long tunnel is perfect. Eight inches wide by eight inches tall, it can be a hiding spot or a great place to nap. Made of cat-friendly materials, it makes a crinkly sound when your cat is moving through it, and it’s fully collapsible.

8. Fynigo Cat Toys Interactive Laser Toy

4.5 stars

Laser toys are popular with both cats and owners. The Fynigo Cat Interactive Laser is a two pack of small hand-held laser toys will provide hours of fun. Ongoing costs are reduced as the toys are powered by AA batteries (rather than button batteries).

9. Cat Dancer Cat Charmer and Teaser Toy

4.5 stars

The Cat Charmer and Teaser Toy has a polycarbonate rod and a four-foot fleece fabric ribbon. The fabric is attached to the rod with a rubber safety collar tested to more than thirty pounds. When flicked back and forth, the ribbon flits and flies, making an attractive and appealing toy.

10. Pet Fit for Life Multi Piece Replacement Feathers and Toys

4.5 stars

This is a package of replacement toys for flirt pole. Should the toy or feathers on your kitten’s flirt pole be damaged, these toys may be good replacements. Each of the toys has a small metal ring at the base for attaching to the flirt pole. Seven toys are included; feathers, a mouse, a furry tail, and a squiggly worm.

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