Top Dogs: Popular Dog Names and Claims

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A chart showing the top 10 male and female dog names for 2020

Naming your dog is a tough job! You think of one, but then you remember the kid from grade school who sat behind you and put gum in your hair with the same name and you definitely don’t want that reminder every day. Your new fluff will have this name for quite some time, so you want to be sure it’s a good one.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your pet or trying to avoid common pet names, Embrace Pet Insurance dug into more than one million of our 2020 quotes to see what dog names topped the charts. And while we were at it, we evaluated policyholder claim data to see who claimed the most with these names. Ladies first!

10 Most Popular Female Dog Names

1. Bella 2. Luna 3. Daisy 4. Lucy 5. Lola 6. Coco 7. Bailey 8. Sadie 9. Molly 10. Nala

11. Chloe 12. Stella 13. Zoey 14. Penny 15. Maggie 16. Lily 17. Mia 18. Sophie 19. Rosie 20. Roxy

10 Most Popular Male Dog Names

1. Max 2. Charlie 3. Milo 4. Cooper 5. Buddy 6. Rocky 7. Bear 8. Duke 9. Teddy 10. Zeus

11. Oliver 12. Bentley 13. Leo 14. Toby 15. Jax 16. Tucker 17. Jack 18. Loki 19. Winston 20. Bruno

Surprisingly, many of these are shared between cats and dogs – Charlie, Milo, and Buddy topped both lists!

Silly Dog Names

If you’re a fan of silly dog names, you’re not alone. It appears that lots of male dog pet parents have a great sense of humor – here are a few we found funniest:

  • Albus Dumbledog

  • Reeces Puggercup

  • Spicy Dorito Cool Ranch

  • Ruthie Bacon Ginsburg

  • Khloe Korgidashian

2020-specific Dog Names

Our pet parents took a more unique approach this year by paying homage to the pandemic that brought them their new friend. Some of the more popular monikers included:

  • Rona


  • Fauci

  • Corona

  • Quarantina

Common Dog Diagnoses*

While we were rooting through our data, we found the most common dog claims and the average cost in 2018 as well:

  1. Stomach issues (vomiting/diarrhea): $348

  2. Ear Infections (otitis/otitis externa): $188

  3. Allergies:$272

  4. Urinary tract infection

  5. Pruritus (itching) : $188

  6. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear

  7. Arthritis

  8. Seizure

  9. Anxiety: $123

  10. Dermatitis: $180

*Based on 2020 Embrace claims data.