Is Your Dog Fat? Don’t Worry… There’s an App for That

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dog holding a cellphone in his mouth

There’s pretty much an app for all that ails you. So why should we not enjoy apps for all which ails our pets?

After all, you’ve bought mobile applications to help you remember your appointments, manage your spending, train for a 5K, and lose twenty pounds. Why wouldn’t you have apps that help Fido manage his meds, step up his exercise, and lose twenty pounds, too?

Yes, it’s true: Not only do our pets have needs that are as app-worthy as ours, they already have apps to help them with these. For example, there are apps to remind owners to …

There are even apps that help veterinarians do their work more safely, effectively, and efficiently, such as…

  • DVMCalc (an app that helps vets calculate fluid rates, drug dosages, and other important metrics)

  • AliveCor

Though this niche market for apps is surprisingly untapped at present, I predict that mobile applications for pets will surge in sales. That is, as soon as pet industry players, veterinarians, and pet-addled developers like me, alike, bring the same sensibility to apps that exemplifies their products, services, and lifestyles.

In case it’s not obvious to anyone reading this, we’re currently living in a culture that advances pets not only as part of the family, but as extensions of ourselves, as well. Given this reality, does it not stand to reason that we’d want to live in a “quantified” world on their behalf, too?