New Year's Resolutions for You & Your Pets

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The most common new year's resolutions will be no shocker. According to Google searches for self-improvement, the old standbys are just that: lose weight, save more, and get organized. How well have you stuck to your resolutions for the past year?

When it comes to happiness, I think we need to take a lesson from dogs. Let’s consider what New Year’s resolutions your pets would like you to commit to – for your sake and theirs.

Try to Be Home More

Your dog or cat would love nothing more than to see your face. Whether you’re at work, out with friends, or on a grocery run, they miss you. Heck, they miss you when you’re taking the garbage out. But think of how much you can stand to gain by spending a little more time around the house with your pet:

  • Less impulse spending when you’re skipping your fourth Target run of the week

  • Less money spent on dinners or drinks out

  • More time to read, learn new skills, or try out a new hobby

  • Decrease your stress levels just by cuddling with your pet during a movie on the couch

Attempt to Go Out More

Okay, so this is a little contradictory. But think of it like this - the only thing a dog likes almost as much as you is walks. No dog in the history of the man-dog relationship has turned down “walkies.” Wind, rain, snow, or ice, your dog wants to go for a walk and you should take him. If you won’t get more exercise for yourself, think about doing it for your dog. Consider each lap around the block an investment in more time added to your pet’s life. Helping your dog stay fit will only help keep them with you longer.

If you walk more on a casual basis, you’ll find yourself doing more activities with your pet, be it hiking, swimming, or throwing the ball in the park. That daily thirty minute walk will be help you reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and so much more, while making your dog the happiest pup on the block.

While you’re working towards a happier, healthier pet and pet parent, set a resolution to enroll your pet in pet insurance. It’s a resolution that will take no more than 15 minutes to complete, so it’s easy to check off your list, but could help big time when the unexpected happens.

Need a little more inspiration: Meet Eric and Peety, a man and dog team that found success on their road to wellness.

See Yourself Through Your Pet’s Eyes

Nobody is perfect, but your pet sure thinks you are. If only we could love ourselves as much as our pets love us! Would your dog or cat say he hates how his butt looks in yoga pants? No. Would he work too many hours at a job that doesn’t make him happy? No.

And he wouldn’t want you to do any of these things either.

Take the time to learn a new hobby. Read a book. Write a letter. But do things for yourself that make you happy and give you long-lasting memories with your fur-baby.

Make Memories With Your Pets

Have you ever noticed how happy your dog gets the second he gets in the car and realizes he’s on his way to a good place? Sticking his face out to sniff the air on the way to the dog park or running to the place where you hang the leash because you said you’d take him for ice cream. That’s because your dog remembers how happy he was the last time you did that amazingly fun thing!

What was the last thing you did that made you so happy that you danced at the very idea of getting to do it again?

Now’s your chance. Make memories with the ones you love. For every photo you take of your pet, remember to take one of yourself too. That way, when you’re living your regular old life on those regular old days that happen between the memorable ones, you can look back and remember how much fun it is to be you.

In this new year, try something a little different. Instead of changing what you dislike about yourself, try being as good as your pet thinks you are.