New Kitten Checklist

Pet care & safety

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Here you'll find a helpful checklist for everything you need to keep your new furry friend happy and healthy.

The Essentials

Quality kitten food is a given; take a look at the ingredients to make sure you've chosen food that is formulated for kittens and has meat as the first ingredient rather than food that is full of filler. Treats are great rewards for your kitten but should not make up more than 5% of their daily diet.

big litter box, litter, and scoop are also essential. If you have multiple cats, or if your home has multiple floors, it’s a good idea to have more than one litter box.

When your kitten comes home, they'll also want a comfy bed to snuggle up on.

A safety collar is important, even for indoor cats in case they slip out the door. It should fit just right – not too tight and not too loose. You'll also want an ID tag with your kitten's name and your phone number. Microchipping is a good idea to ensure your kitten can be found if they ever get lost. Plus, the cost of a microchip is covered with Embrace’s Wellness Rewards†.

Health & Wellness

Keep a kitten first-aid kit around the house for little emergencies. You'll also want to have grooming and dental supplies such as feline shampoo, a gentle brush, nail trimmers, and a toothbrush and toothpaste that are made for cats.

Scratching posts will give your kitten somewhere to claw other than the furniture to reinforce good scratching behavior.

Your veterinarian can also suggest flea and tick medication (covered with Embrace’s Wellness Rewards). Follow directions from your vet and the packaging to treat your kitten accordingly.

Training & Development

Carrier training is important and helpful. Carriers give your kitten a place to call their own, and of course a safe way to transport them when needed.

Durable, stimulating cat toys help with your kitten's development. Kittens love anything they can play with. If your kitten is a "scaredy-cat," calming products can help ease anxiety related to new surroundings, thunderstorms, other cats, etc.

Important "To-Dos"

Before picking up your new kitten, kitten-proof your home just like for a child. Put away anything you don't want your kitten to chew, including electrical cords, rubber bands, thread/string/ribbon, and poisonous products or plants.

Cats love to get into things and hide away in small spaces, so keep the washer and dryer closed, secure screens and air vents, and consider using baby gates and cupboard latches to guard off-limit areas.

Not all essential oils are safe for cats. If you use an essential oil diffuser, double check your list of them before you bring your kitten home.

Your new kitten should see a veterinarian early on to assess their overall health and to discuss all things kitten related, like kitten vaccinations and proper preventatives.

Other professionals you'll want to research are pet sitters, boarding facilities, and groomers, if necessary.

Last but certainly not least, it is important to consider pet insurance for your new kitten. You can learn more about Kitten Insurance online or by calling our Customer Care Team at (800) 511-9172.