40 Popular Irish Pet Names

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Irish Pet Names

If you’ve been visited by the St. Patty’s Day leprechaun and are strongly feelin’ that the name of your newest addition must be Irish, have no fear! Here’s a list of ideas that’ll have you clicking your heels and raising a pint to toast the little one’s official baptism.

If you don’t have a new addition, you can try anointing your existing pet with his Irish name for the day, but don’t blame us if he doesn’t answer to it.

Human Irish Names For Pets

  1. Angus- It means “strong”, “exceptional”, and “one choice.”

  2. Colin- It means “young child”, “peaceful dove.”

  3. Conor- It means “strong-willed” or “driven dog.”

  4. Doyle- Comprised of “dark” and “stranger.”

  5. Finnegan- It means “fair” or “white.”

  6. Flannery- It means “red valour.”

  7. Gallagher- It’s a combination of “strange” or “foreign” and “help.”

  8. Kiera- It means “little dark one.”

  9. Molly- It means “star of the sea.”

  10. Murphy- It means “sea warrior.”

  11. Nell- It means “light.”

  12. Patrick/Padraig/Paddy- It means “nobly born.”

  13. Quinn- Derived from “wisdom”, “reason”, and “intelligence.”

  14. Seamus- Irish form of “James” that means “supplanter.”

  15. Sybil- It means “prophetess.”

Food or Drink-based Names For Pets

  1. Cabbage- One half of the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal, and it rolls off the tongue more easily than “corned beef.”

  2. Guinness- Do we really need to explain this one?

  3. Gur- This cake came to life in the 1900s Dublin tenements from scraps of other cakes. This is a good name for a pet who has beaten all odds. Plus, can you imagine the looks at the dog park when you say, “Grrrrr!!! Come on!”

  4. Jameson- The quintessential Irish whiskey. Give this name to a dog or cat who is the life of the party.

  5. Pastie- Name your food-loving pet after this round pie (usually made of meat and vegetables) completely covered in batter.

  6. Shandy- This beer and juice combo (usually lemonade) is popular in Ireland and makes a good name for a pet who is sweet but also likes to get into trouble every now and then.

  7. Stout– The category of beer into which Guinness fits. Great name for a hearty, meaty cat or dog.

  8. Whiskey- Pay homage to your favorite aged spirit that hails from Ireland with this one.

Irish Pet Names Based on Nature

  1. Shamrock- One of the most common symbols of Ireland, but it would make a cute, unique name for an animal who doesn’t live in Ireland. Also good if you enjoy a good McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (admit it--you count down to March all year just for that).

  2. Clover- After the 4-leaf clover, well-known lucky charm of Ireland and beyond. Give this name to the cat or dog that is your good luck charm.

  3. Belleek- Thin ivory porcelain that originated in Ireland in the 1800s, known by its shamrock markings. When you hold it up to the light, it’s almost translucent. Give this name to your pet who is a bit on the delicate side, or holds mysteries within.

  4. Tweed- This iconic Irish fabric serves as a solid name for your dog who has a rough or hearty coat that resembles the textile, or perhaps a cat or dog that just seems a little more sophisticated than the others.

  5. Moss- Did you know that almost half of Europe’s mosses live in Ireland? Try this name on your pet who enjoys lounging around, soaking it all in.

  6. Natterjack- Here’s an unusual one. The natterjack toad is one of three amphibians native to Ireland, making it a good choice for biology or trivia enthusiasts.

  7. Basking- Another fairly obscure one. Name your water-loving dog after the endangered Basking Shark. It’s the second largest fish in the world and swims the Irish coast.

  8. Snowdrop- Name your pet after the well-known spring Irish wildflower that is one of the first to bloom every year. This is a great name for your first pet, or one that’s a natural leader.

Pets Names From Irish Locations

  1. Blarney- Name your kissing machine after the home of the legendary Blarney Stone!

  2. Cork- A county and city in Ireland known as the “Rebel County.” Assign this name accordingly to your own rebel!

  3. Dublin- Name your pet who likes to be in the center of it all after Ireland’s capital.

  4. Kildare- County Kildare houses a lot of major industry hubs. This is a clever name for your cleverest canine or feline!

  5. Kilkenny- The city of Kilkenny (in the county of the same name) is known as one of Ireland’s major cultural destinations, so choose this for your pet if you enjoy a good painting or theatre.

  6. Bray- A nod to an Irish resort town that prides itself on keeping clean and presentable, baptize your vacation-loving pet with this moniker.

  7. Drogheda- One of the oldest towns in Ireland makes a proper name for your most distinguished four-legged friend.

  8. Louth- County Louth is Ireland’s smallest county, but dense. Know any pets like that?

  9. Wexford- This county and city is known for its opera and music. A great choice if you enjoy that too!