How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Your Pet Will Love

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Valentine's Day Cat

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means you better hurry up and put something together for the love of your life… the one being in the world who understands you… the only one you can always count on: your pet. You know he deserves way more than you could ever possibly shower upon him, but don't let that stop you from trying. Here are some ideas to help you demonstrate your undying love for your most noble beast.

Subscription Box

If your cute little fuzz face doesn’t yet get monthly treasures delivered to his doorstep, Valentine’s Day is a great time to start! There are so many great options out there now, so ask around at doggy daycare or at the next yappy hour for recommendations. Got yourself a treat hound? There’s a box for that. Got a plushy-obsessed pet? There’s a box for that. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

New Clothes

Who doesn’t love new clothes? Well, some pets, as it turns out. But if your fluffy muffin does enjoy them, what about some love-themed sweaters or accessories to set his heart aflutter? Or better yet, take him shopping and let him pick something himself? Pro tip: Pets really can’t read calendars, so if you wait until February 15, you can clean up on some great sale items.

Spa Day

Rumor has it, some pets actually like getting groomed and pampered. I don’t know who those animals are, but I have heard they exist. If yours is among these fabled unicorns, make an appointment for the works! Pay to get rid of those split ends, long nails, and dirty paws. Help him be the pet on the outside that he feels he is on the inside.

Special Treats

Fun idea: stock up on his usual faves and then make it rain treats. It’ll be his most favorite day ever! Not so fun result: you’ll probably have to spend a lot of time cleaning up a few hours later. If you want to keep it tame but fancy it up a bit, how about Valentine's Day-themed catnip toys or a heart-shaped box of dog treats? Oh yeah… you’ll have him drooling in no time.

Puppy Pinot & Kitty Cabernet

Have you ever dreamed of the day your cat or dog could enjoy his own special beverages whilst you sip wine and canoodle by the fire? Well, that day is here. Thanks to places like the Pet Winery, you can order all sorts of stuff for him to sip on--and have it delivered! What a time to be alive!


Whether you venture out to parts unknown or stay close to home, there’s nothing your pet wants more than to spend quality time with you. Maybe you can try out a hike you’ve never done together before, or hit the new dog beach. Or if cold temperatures keep you inside, dedicate time to testing out those new toys from his subscription box or trying some new tricks. And don’t fret too much about making your time together super magical; sometimes just putting your phone down to give him a good old dose of undivided attention is all you need to do to make his heart howl.

What’s on your Valentine’s Day itinerary?