Embrace Survey: How do pet parents celebrate the holidays with their pets?

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Most of us can agree that pets are part of the family – now more than ever. A 2016 survey conducted by Harris Poll found that 95% of pet owners consider their pets part of their family, so it’s not shocking that Embrace’s 2018 holiday survey found that 92% of pet parents buy gifts for their pets. But including pets in the holiday fun doesn’t stop there!

It’s one thing to purchase a gift for a pet, but how is it presented? Turns out, 62% of pet parents wrap the gift so Fido has something to tear into just like the rest of the family. And while everybody’s opening presents and spreading holiday cheer, 77% of these pets are digging through their very own stocking that their family gave them.

What did pet parents bring their good boys and girls? Quite a lot, actually! Since 73% of people spend between $10-$50 on their pets, there’s a good haul waiting for their furry family. The survey showed that 94% of these lucky pets get toys, with treats in a close second at 87%. If you’re wondering where family pets get the outfits they wear in the holiday card that 60% of these pet parents include them in, 32% have clothing waiting for them under the tree.

As much as giving tangible gifts to our four-legged friends helps spread holiday cheer, the most invaluable gift that pet parents can give their dog or cat this holiday season can’t be found under the tree. For around the same cost per month as most pet parents are spending on toys and treats this holiday season, they can give their pet the ultimate gift that keeps on giving – a pet insurance policy to protect them from unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Home for the Howlidays: Travelling with Pets

Whether you’re hopping in the car to your in-law’s house the town over or boarding a plane or train to get home, traveling during the holidays is a common custom. But what about the fur-kids at home? Embrace’s survey found that 44% of the surveyed pet parents bring their pets with them on their holiday travels.

No matter your holiday customs, there’s no doubt that pets play a major role in our lives. They bring us endless laughs, love us unconditionally, and every day is a new adventure with them. Make sure to give your pets an extra chin scratch, belly rub, or even some presents this holiday season. From all of us at Embrace Pet Insurance, we wish you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday and wonderful New Year.