15 Great Gift Ideas for Veterinarians and Their Office

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veterinarian holding stethoscope up to gift box

You don’t need a birthday or holiday in order to celebrate someone, and that includes buying gifts for your veterinarian.

If you and your pet are particularly fond or grateful for all that your vet does for you, a little present of appreciation is always welcome.

Whether the person you’re buying a gift for is a vet student, a vet tech, a veterinarian, vet school graduation gift, or vet office staff, we've got you covered.

Our gift ideas all hit the mark if you’re looking for high quality, personal, and unique gifts for veterinarians.

Gifts for Veterinarians and Their Staff

Here are 15 gifts for veterinarians and their staff that will put a smile on their faces.

1. Coffee Travelers

A coffee traveler is a great gift because caffeine is just what a busy vet needs to get through their long day. You can drop off a cardboard box full of coffee to leave for the veterinary staff.

You can pick one up at franchises such as Starbucks or Panera. Plenty local coffee shops offer them as well. They’re advantageous since they're not pricey and a lot more useful than a box of chocolates.

Bring your caffeine-carrying gift into the office early one cold December morning, and you’ll be a star for the rest of their year.

2. Homemade Truffles

Truffles are delicious and ridiculously easy to make. It's much more rewarding when you fashion them yourself, and the vet staff will adore you for taking on such a personalized endeavor.

Here are some great recipes that will keep your pet vet and their stuff gushing over your culinary skills for years to come: 

4. Homemade Hot Chocolate

Here’s another simple gift idea with a lot of heart. You can prepare this present warm (here’s a yummy Mexican hot chocolate recipe), or you can make hot cocoa bombs that can be enjoyed any time.

If you want to go all out, you can package the gifts nicely and add goodies like stickers and stationary to the goodie bags.

5. Soft “Cage Cozies” for Visiting Pets

A cage cozy provides extra cage comfort for a furry friend, and can make them feel more at home – something especially important during what can be a stressful medical visit for them.

Cage cozies are often stuffed animals that have been de-strung, with the bead eyes removed, for small pet patients. They can also be old baby blankets or hoodies.

Some people make them from scratch, but you can also buy them or search online for handmade, customized items.

If you’d like to donate a cage cozy, check with the office manager before offering to make sure they accept them since not all animal hospitals use them.

6. Donations to Charities

Donations are a thoughtful way to show you care. Ask the office manager which charities the doctors and staff like best and donate in their name – or donate to a local shelter in their name.

If they don’t have a charity preference, do a quick bit of research to find who is best for your donation.

Here’s acharity navigator that you can use to find charities that help animals.

7. Heartfelt “Thank You” Cards

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Your vet and their staff always take great care of your pet, and telling them how much they mean to you can be even more impactful than then a material gift.

How about writing heartfelt letters expressing your gratitude? The more personalized, the better. You can even stamp your dog or cat’s paw print as their “signature” and frame it.

8. Personalized Mugs

If the veterinarians in your life are avid coffee drinkers, you can give a set ofpersonalized veterinarian mugs to bring unison to the office.

You can put each person’s name on the mugs for a personal touch, or go a more simple route with some cute paw print themed ones.

An alternative idea is to gift wine glasses for vets and staff who would rather wind down with a bubbly glass after a long shift.

9. Creative Socks

Sure, you groaned about getting socks as a gift when you were a kid. But, socks are a great gift for adults –- and that includes veterinarians!

You can pick up some fuzzy socks with animal print or a funny pair withcat faces. Orchoose a pair like this for the dog lover in the office.

A lot of vets are on their feet all day, so this gift can be quite practical, too.

10. Cushioned Slides

One vet tech gift that pairs perfectly with creative socks are some comfy cushioned slides or slip-on shoes. Anything that can bring relief to the tired feet of a veterinarian technician is going to be a win.

ThisGood Housekeeping article has a list of cushioned slides “that are like clouds for your feet” that you can peruse for gift inspiration.

11. A Roomy Tote Bag

Tote bags are a great gift idea for veterinarians and staff because they can be customized and can hold other small goodies.

Tote bags are also a good size for those in the office because they can hold larger items such as a clipboard and notebooks.

These tote bags on Amazon, for example, are 15” x 16” and can be personalized with a name.

12. A Framed Photo

Vets are animal lovers by default, which means that giving them a framed photo of their favorite patient (your pet) would be the perfect gift.

Make sure the frame is small enough to not take up much room on a desk or wall, and pick out a cute or silly photo that is interesting to look at.

4” x 6” is the perfect small picture frame size, and you canget a pack of 2 for a good price on Amazon.

13. Books or Magazines

Does your vet office have a little library of books in their waiting room? If you have some good books or magazines laying around that you’d like to donate, the vet office could be the perfect space.

Don’t forget to call ahead to the office to make sure a donation would be appreciated.

Bonus points to you if you have books about animals and pet owners or veterinary medicine magazines.

14. Candle Wax Warmer

Candles are a more traditional gift that are enjoyed by most people, but the smoke from a candle flame can be too much for sensitive cat and dog noses.

That’s why we suggest a candle wax warmer instead.

The vet’s office will be smelling nice in no time, and you can even give out a variety of candle wax melts.

15. A Funny Animal Calendar

Every office needs a good calendar, and one that’s filled with humor is even better. For example, this silly swimsuit calendar that covers each month with drawings of different animals in swimwear is a great option.