Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

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Halloween Cat Safety

Most people are aware of the urban legend that says crossing paths with a black cat is bad luck. This originated hundreds of years ago, but there are still those who remain superstitious. Around Halloween, all pets should be brought indoors, black cats especially.

The legend says if you cross or turn your back on a black cat it could mean death on the horizon for you. Sadly, black cats were tortured because the color of their fur resembled the color of night: the witching hour. Still to this day, black cats remain on Halloween decorations and as a symbol of bad luck. While there is no proof that black cats have anything to do with being the devil’s messenger, there is real danger for them in October. In order to keep black cats safe around Halloween, many rescue and shelter organizations refuse to adopt out black cats and kittens in the month of October out of fear that something, or someone, could harm them. Fear of the animals being hurt is not the only reason that these organizations keep potential adopters away though. They do not want to risk someone adopting a black cat for a costume, only to return it when the holiday is over.

4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe During Halloween

There are many ways to create a Happy Meow-lloween for all cats, black-coated or otherwise. Even if you are not superstitious, it is still recommended that you bring cats of all colors indoors for a few days before, and a few days after, Halloween. Follow these simple tips for a Cat-astrophe free Halloween season:

1. Keep Your Feline Friends Inside

Halloween is a time for costumed trick-or-treaters to run the streets begging for candy. This increased foot traffic can scare your cats into hiding. No one wants to be worrying about Fluffy’s whereabouts or welfare, Embrace recommends keeping them safe inside.

2. Keep an Eye on Decorations

Halloween decorations are becoming increasingly popular – and dangerous. Wires, fake string spiderweb, and silicon body parts sticking up from pretend graves can be an accident waiting to happen for your curious cat. If your cat has access to any of these decorations or props, make sure to cat-proof them or discourage them from interacting.

3. Autumn Plants Can Be Dangerous

Many people like to accentuate the fall season with indoor and outdoor plants. However, fall plants can be very deadly. Chrysanthemums (also known as Mums) are a staple in much of fall décor, but they are toxic to cats and dogs. Mushrooms also thrive in the damp fall environment. It’s important to keep an eye on your cat to monitor symptoms. Keep toxic plants out of reach or out of your home.

4. Treats Can Become Deadly Tricks

Candy and wrappers pose problems. Just because your cat is inside doesn’t mean this danger disappears. While most of us know that chocolate is poisonous for pets, the wrapper is also cause for concern. If your cat ingests littered wrappers that could cause intestinal trouble.

Make this Halloween spook-tacular and safe for all members of the family!