The Top 6 Halloween Cat Safety Tips

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Halloween Cat Safety

Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment. While Halloween is fun for people, your cat may be less enthusiastic.

Here are the top Halloween cat safety tips to help you plan a safe holiday for your feline friends.

1. Make Sure Your Cat Has a Collar and Microchip

A collar with your cat's name and contact info, plus having them microchipped, make it easier for your escaped pet to be returned.

If your cat runs out when trick-or-treaters call, their collar will help whoever finds them bring them home. If their collar comes off, a vet can scan your cat's microchip for information. 

2. Designate a Safe Area

Another way to ensure your cat stays safe on Halloween is to designate a quiet area in your home. This reduces stress and keeps them from running away.

3. Watch for Decorations

Halloween decorations are becoming more popular – and more dangerous for pets. Cat-proof any decorations, and discourage your pet from interacting with them.

Wires, fake spider webs, and silicon body parts sticking up from pretend graves are hazards, and candles or any flame are fire risks.

4. Be Wary of Autumn Plants

Many fall plants are deadly to cats. Keep toxic plants out of your cats' reach or out of your home. And, watch for signs of distress or sickness.

Chrysanthemums (or Mums) are a staple in fall décor, but toxic to cats and dogs.

Mushrooms thrive in the fall, but just like how many wild mushrooms are poisonous to humans, animals should also avoid them.

5. Don’t Let Treats Become Deadly Tricks

We know chocolate is poisonous for pets, but wrappers are also a concern. They’ll cause intestinal trouble if your cat ingests them.

And, felines are not equipped for sugar consumption. They prefer (and need) savory protein-dense food.

Watch their litter box habits for signs of an upset stomach. And, call an animal poison control center if your cat ingests an object or candied substance.

6. Keep Your Cats Inside

Increased foot traffic from costumed trick-or-treaters can scare your cats into hiding. No one wants to be worrying about Fluffy’s whereabouts. 

Embrace recommends keeping them inside, black cats especially.

Keeping Black Cats Safe on Halloween

To keep black cats safe on Halloween, make sure your pet is inside and secure. Many rescue and shelter organizations refuse to adopt out black cats in October out of fear someone could harm them.

They also don't want people adopting black cats for costumes, only to return them after the holiday.

What Can I Do With My Cat on Halloween?

While precautions need to be taken for Halloween, there are plenty of festive things to do with your furry family member.

Feline-Friendly Treats

Cats can’t have candy, but this list of pet-friendly recipes features themed snacks safe for cat consumption.

Cooked pumpkin is fine for cats, but not leftover jack-o’-lantern parts. They may be too raw or spoiled for their stomachs. 

Cat Costumes

When it comes to pet costumes, cats are often uncooperative. Make sure their costume won't irritate their skin or make them overheat. It also shouldn't be clingy or restrictive.

A simple hat or bandana is often easier for them to handle. Just remember to take the items off them at the end of the night.