Do your pets rule your relationship?

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Single and taken, Embrace Pet Insurance asked over 8,000 people how their pets fit into their relationship and lifestyle dynamic. The results are in – and people really love their pets (but this isn’t news, right?!).

76% of responses came from women and 23% came from men, and 82% of the responses came from people in relationships.

Are pets a deal breaker?

A majority of those in relationships surveyed, 67% to be exact, said that they would not be in a relationship with someone who didn’t like their pet.

For the single men and women surveyed, an incredible 97% said that they would not date someone who didn’t like their pet! They choose to stay loyal to the dogs and cats who are loyal to them (cue hearts melting).

Overall, only 57% of men said pets are a dealbreaker while 76% of women felt that way indicating that women may be more attached to their pets than their male counterparts.

Make Room for Fur Babies

69% of pet owner couples allow their pet (1) to sleep in their bed while 79% of single people allow it. For those who have 2 or more pets, 47% said that some of their pets sleep in bed with them and 31% said that all of them sleep with them. Let’s hope they have a king-sized bed.

Who’s who to pets?

61% of people in relationships share pet responsibilities (feeding, walking, etc.) with their significant other, but 36% said that they handle most of the responsibilities on their own while only 2% said their partner does most of it.

And when asked if their pets are more attached to one partner than the other, 46% believe that they are the party that the pet is most attached to, with 48% saying it was equal, and only 6% think their pets are more attached to the other party. Do we tend to think that taking on a majority of the responsibilities means that our pets are more attached to us? That makes us wonder what our respondents’ partners would think if they took the survey…