9 of the Best Pet Apps from 2017

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Pet Apps

In this age of technology and increased pet ownership there are apps specifically designed for pet people on the go. Be cautious of any app that gives out medical advice. These apps are meant to give you tools to help your pet, but never to diagnose or treat. Always seek professional medical attention in case of an emergency.

1. PetCoach by Petco (4.8 stars*)

PetCoach gives you access to advice straight from a veterinarian round the clock. It should not be used for serious emergencies. Rather, you can use this for advice about your dog with constant tear stains, or your cat who has decided not to use the litter box anymore.

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2. iKibble by Llamaface (5 stars*)

Is that okay for my dog to eat?! While cooking dinner a little something rolls off the cutting board and your dog swallows it whole before you can bat an eye. It happens to the best of us. iKibble has hundreds of foods listed so you can search to find out not only if your pet can have it, but if it’s good for them or not.

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3. Pet First Aid by Red Cross (4.2 stars*)

The app does not pretend to act as veterinary advice and should not be used to diagnose a problem. It is great for minor to moderate level accidents or illnesses such as dehydration, eye issues, poisons, and many more. It teaches simple first aid like CPR, how to check heart rate, and when to call your vet.

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4. BarkCam by BarkBox, Inc. (3.7 stars*)

All pet owners understand the struggle of getting a decent picture of your pet. As soon as they see a camera they become a blur. The capture button on this cat and dog photo app has sound options to get your pet to perk up to ensure they’re always looking at you, and fun filters make them even more sharable than they already are. While the quality of the picture isn’t fantastic, this app is sure to make you laugh.

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5. BarkBuddy by BarkBox, Inc. (3.4 stars*)

Are you single and ready to mingle? Then this app isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a furry companion you’ve come to the right place. This app finds local adoptable pets that you match with and set up dates to see if you’re ready to take the plunge!

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6. BringFido by BringFido (3.2 stars, only available on iOS)

Fear not if you don’t have Apple products, there is a website that is accessible no matter your device of choice. This app uses your location to show you dog-friendly hotels, dog parks, and vets in the area you’re vacationing. Using this will help you relax and enjoy your vacation with your furry friend.

Get it on iOS.

7. Rover by Rover.com (4.6 stars*)

Unable to take your pet with you when you’re away from home? That’s when Rover comes in. Rover has a network of people who are insured and qualified to take care of your pets. Whether you’d like for that person to stay in your home, or if you’d rather drop your pets off at their house, Rover can help. All payment, communication, and updates are done through the app so you can rest easy knowing your baby is in good hands.

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8. Wag by Wag Labs, Inc. (3.9 stars*)

Do you find yourself worrying that you might miss your dog’s before dinner walk with the long work day? This app for dog walking understands that (and other concerns)! Connect with experienced and friendly dog walkers near you to make sure that your dog gets the attention he deserves while you’re away. You can even track where they’re walking (and when they do their business).

Get it on Android or iOS.

9. PawBoost by FindFido, Inc. (3.6 stars*)

A lost pet app that lets you report missing pets. Whether you’ve found a wandering dog or cat or if you’re missing one, you can list them all. It also allows you to report them found, share other posts, and contact the post owner. This is a free app but you have the option to pay a fee in order to get the post a larger area of exposure.

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*Ratings are an average taken from Google Play and iTunes in December 2017.