5 Holiday Horrors Lurking in Your Home

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Holiday Pet Dangers

This holiday season your house is twinkling with lights and candles, it’s filled with the smell of your upcoming feast, and the floral arrangements are organized impeccably. It’s the picture of perfection. The only thing that could ruin this scene is a sick pet. Take precautions during the festivities so that you can keep your holidays merry and mishap free.

1. A Feast Not Fit for King

Your holiday menu is sure to be filled with delectable food. Butter makes everything better and chocolate is mandatory. But knowing which food to keep away from your pets is crucial. In November and December, stomach issues (such as diarrhea and vomiting) are the most common claims that pet insurance companies see. And, according to Embrace claims data, a visit to the emergency vet averages $1,000.

Michelle W.’s mixed breed dog, Jules, ended up in the hospital on Christmas night. That cost her a total of $1,732.58. Luckily, Jules has Embrace Pet Insurance, which reimbursed $1,244.32.

2. No Bones about It

Whether you’re roasting up duck, chicken, turkey, or ham, make sure that you don’t let your pets near the bones. As they cook, the bones become brittle and can splinter in your dog or cat’s belly causing serious trouble.

On Christmas Eve, Matthew F.’s Embraced Bichon Frise, Connie, ingested a bone that required three nights in the hospital for observation and treatment. Of that $3,452.00 vet bill, Embrace reimbursed $2,588.80.

3. Overindulgence

The fourth most common claim Embrace sees at the holidays is for gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome, more commonly known as bloat. Often caused by eating too quickly or in large amounts, it’s a very fast-acting syndrome that requires extended hospital stays, and the average cost for treatment tops $4,180.

Christmas claim: Bruce K.’s Embraced Newfoundland, Mariner, spent some time in the emergency vet with bloat on Christmas Eve, costing his dad a total of $2,771.00. Embrace reimbursed $1,728.90.

4. Beware Those Beautiful Bows

It’s a cute idea to watch your dog tear into the present you wrapped for him, and to giggle as your cat plays with the ribbons that deck the halls. But beware of loose ribbon, gift wrap, and even small toys this season. Sharp or not, these items can really tear up your pet’s tummy.

Carly, a three-year-old Domestic Shorthair, ingested more than 36 inches of ribbon costing $5,648.44 for surgery and hospitalization. Embrace reimbursed her parents Donn and Diane L. $4,358.75.

5. Festive Flowers Could be Deadly

Poinsettias and lilies make for gorgeous table settings and window displays, but they’re toxic to animals. Little Bit, a Domestic Shorthair, got into one of these displays on Christmas Eve and was rushed to the emergency vet by his dad, Howard M. Over the course of several days, Little Bit required close observation and $3,598.31 later he was doing better. Embrace reimbursed $2,827.96 for this visit.

It might not fit into your holiday plans to scale back on the amount of food you make or the decorations that you put up. Just use caution in the type of plants that you put out and where the food is sitting. If Fluffy can rest her head on the dessert table, then it’s probably time to consider putting those decedent delights on a higher stand.

Wishing you and your pets a fun and safe holiday season, and a happy New Year.