North Carolina Pet Insurance

Embrace Every Adventure in North Carolina: Safeguard Your Pet with Comprehensive NC Pet Insurance Coverage.

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance in North Carolina

When selecting pet insurance in NC, it's important to find a policy that comprehensively covers your pet in the face of unexpected accidents and illnesses. North Carolina, with its varied landscapes, from the mountains in the west to the coastal plains in the east, presents unique challenges for pets. Therefore, finding the best pet insurance in North Carolina involves looking for coverage that's as diverse and adaptable as the state itself.

Key factors to consider for pet insurance in NC include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure the policy you choose offers extensive protection against a range of incidents, from minor injuries to major health concerns.

  • Flexibility in Plans: Different pets have different needs, especially in a state as varied as North Carolina. Look for insurance that offers customizable plans to fit your unique lifestyle and your budget.

  • Statewide Acceptance: The ideal pet insurance should be widely accepted by veterinarians across North Carolina, from the bustling streets of Charlotte and Raleigh to the serene shores of Wilmington and beyond.

Our pet insurance in NC is designed with these considerations in mind. We offer plans that can be personalized to suit the needs of your pet, ensuring they receive the best possible care. With our insurance, you can rest easy knowing that it's accepted by every veterinarian in the Tar Heel State.

Why Pet Insurance is a Smart Choice in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina means your pet might encounter various risks, whether they’re playing in the Appalachian Mountains, exploring the Piedmont region, or navigating the Coastal Plain. Having reliable pet insurance in NC can provide financial relief and peace of mind should your furry friend encounter any of these common hazards. Here’s a look at some specific dangers your pet might face in different parts of North Carolina:

  • Western Mountainous Region: The rugged terrain and wildlife, such as snakes, can pose significant risks to adventurous pets.

  • Piedmont Region: The urban and suburban areas here can have their own set of challenges, from traffic-related incidents to potential encounters with other animals.

  • Coastal Plain: This area's warm climate and natural flora and fauna bring unique risks, including the dangers of heatstroke and insect bites.

Choosing the right dog insurance in NC or coverage for your cat means considering these regional specifics and ensuring your pet insurance policy covers a wide range of potential issues. By doing so, you can ensure that, no matter where you live in North Carolina, your pet’s health and well-being are protected.

Poisonous Insects


Ticks can be a serious health threat to North Carolina residents and their pets because of the illnesses they can spread, including Lyme disease. Many of our pet parents in North Carolina take advantage of our Wellness Rewards to help budget for and cover the costs of preventatives like flea and tick medications.


Toxic Algae

While your dog might love a good doggy paddle on a hot day, they run the risk of drinking algae-contaminated water. These bacteria can produce toxins that are extremely harmful to dogs and, if ingested, emergency medical attention is required. Having pet insurance can ensure you get your dog the best care as quickly as possible without having to worry about the cost of an emergency vet bill.  

Unexpected Accidents

Unexpected Accidents

Unexpected accidents can happen anywhere and anytime – from ingesting something toxic to an injury from running with the big dogs at the park. Pet insurance in North Carolina helps you give your pet the best care in an emergency, regardless of the cost.

Some Happy Endings from our North Carolina Embraced Pets

How Much Does Embrace Pet Insurance Cost in North Carolina?

Personalize a policy for your best bud (and budget) by picking your deductible, your annual maximum, and your reimbursement percentage. The cost of a pet insurance policy varies by breed, Zip Code, and a few additional factors. 

Below are a few estimates to give you a better idea of what pet insurance in North Carolina might cost.

Species Breed Age Premium
Dog Mixed Breed 1 $30-$40 per month
Dog Golden Retriever 3 $35-$45 per month
Dog Labrador Retriever 5 $45-$55 per month
Cat Domestic Shorthair 3 $20-$25 per month

Estimates based on quotes by Embrace Pet Insurance

What All is Covered by Pet Insurance in North Carolina?

Embrace’s comprehensive pet insurance covers accidents, injuries, illnesses, and a whole lot of ruff stuff. (We even cover exam fees!) Details of our coverage can be found here.

  • Illnesses

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Dental Accidents and Illnesses

  • Consultations & Tests

  • Accidents & Injuries

  • Procedures & Treatments

  • Follow-Up Care

  • & So Much More

What’s not covered with cat and dog insurance?

While no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions – Embrace included – we do distinguish between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions and cover curable conditions after your pet is symptom and treatment-free for 12 months when we consider pre-existing condition pet insurance.

We also do not cover cosmetic procedures (declawing, ear cropping, tail docking, etc.), breeding and whelping, DNA testing, or cloning.

For routine and preventative care, we offer a flexible Wellness Rewards plan, which is the perfect complement to your full pet insurance policy.

Learn more about our dog insurance and cat insurance plans today.

How Does Pet Insurance Work in North Carolina?

With Embrace, pet insurance in North Carolina is simple: Visit any vet, submit a claim, and we get to work reimbursing you.  

We make the claims process so easy your pet could practically do it. Get an itemized invoice and the diagnosis from your vet and take a picture to submit. That's all you need when you submit your claim via your MyEmbrace customer account – because who has time to print and fax or snail mail? Voila. You’re done!  

We even offer direct deposit so you can get reimbursed quicker.