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24/7 Pet Help Line to answer all your pet questions

Complimentary expert guidance and advice from PawSupport Pet Pros—now offering discounted virtual vet visits and delivered prescriptions through our partnership with Dutch.

Free with Every Embrace Policy

Embrace is committed to providing comprehensive coverage and unmatched value for your furry family members. As part of our mission to ensure your pet's well-being, we are delighted to offer PawSupport, a free 24/7 pet health help line. From emergency care to help with diet or nutrition questions, our Pet Pros can answer questions and provide recommendations on:

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Symptoms & Chronic Conditions

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Medications & Lab Results

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Poisons & Toxins

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Wellness & Holistic Care Options

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Diet, Nutrition & Exercise

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Vitamins & Supplements

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Behavior & Training

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New Pet Questions

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Advice You Can Trust from Real-Life Pet Professionals

PawSupport’s online pet help chat, voice, and video call feature is monitored by Registered Veterinary Technicians with real-life experience working in animal care. These Pet Pros are skilled experts with the knowledge and experience to answer your questions, address your concerns and ease your mind.

3 Easy Options to Access Free and Fast Advice

PawSupport can be accessed easily by all Embrace policyholders. Log in to your account on a desktop or mobile device – no special app required. From there, you will be able to choose from three communication choices:

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Live Chat

Get your questions answered by a PawSupport representative in real-time via online chat.

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Video Chat

Talk with a pet pro by video chat. The visual element can be helpful in evaluating your pet's illness or injury.

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Voice Call

Call PawSupport via the online interface for a quick and easy Q & A with a representative.

NEW — Online Vet Care Through Dutch

We’ve partnered with Dutch, the first veterinary telemedicine company to provide care and prescriptions for all of your pets’ needs — without the stressful trip.

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DutchFast, Easy Care from Home
  • 24/7 access to licensed vets over video chat

  • Customized prescription treatment plan

  • Expert advice that saves you time and money

  • Follow-up care over messaging

  • Peace of mind during anxious moments

Why Pet Parents Love Dutch


Low-cost Appointments

Get care and prescriptions over video chat without the big bill.


Online Convenience

Connect with licensed vets from the comfort of home, day or night.


Prescriptions Shipped Free

After the vet sends your treatment plan, place your order and they’ll ship it to you.

Exam Fee

Reimbursable by Embrace

Your vet call and medications are eligible for reimbursement by your Embrace policy

Frequently Asked Questions