Pug's Pancreatitis Plight

Wrigley's snack from the garbage caused more than just a sour stomach.

Vet Bill: $2,346

Wrigley - Pug


Though we try our best to prevent it, many dogs get into the garbage can from time to time. Usually the consequences are minimal and involve an upset stomach. Unfortunately for Wrigley, a 5 year old Pug, her dietary indiscretion would lead to Pancreatitis. Luckily, it was caught quickly.

Wrigley's pet parent, Christine B., tells the full story:

"When she got into the garbage, I knew Wrigley was going to end up with a sick stomach. However, instead of waiting it out at home, I immediately called our ER and asked them about the situation. They said to bring her there immediately. If I did not have Embrace, knowing how expensive a weekend vet ER trip would be, I would have waited and not taken immediate action. But knowing I had the security of Embrace, I was standing in the ER 20 minutes later.

The ER vet, as well as other veterinarians who took care of her along the way, told me that had I waited and not gotten her there as fast as I did the recovery time would have been much longer. She would have likely been in the hospital longer and even could have suffered permanent damage (one example being insulin dependence) which would require lifelong medical care. There was also the chance, if I had not brought her or was unable to afford the extensive cost to have this emergency treated, we may have lost her.

Thanks to Wrigley's early diagnosis, she has avoided some of the common medical problems associated with pancreatitis. She appears to be recovering well and significantly faster than her original prognosis.

I will never go without Embrace Pet Insurance for my current pets or any future furry family members. Having insurance through Embrace has SAVED THE LIVES of my dogs MORE THAN ONCE. Without it, I would not have been able to afford the medical care needed."

Wrigley's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$2,346.16
Covered Charges$2,346.16
Total Embrace Reimbursement$2,111.54