Vet Bill Customer Story
$23,214 French Bulldog Paralyzed By Fibrocartilaginous Embolism
$17,945 Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix with Diabetes and Cushing’s Disease
$15,374 Dog Suffers Salmon Poisoning Disease
$15,232 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Cocker Spaniel
$13,722 Scottish Deerhound Suffers from Aspiration Pneumonia
$13,137 Pneumonia
$11,289 Recurring Bacterial Infection Hospitalized Young Cat 
$11,151 Irritable Bowel Disease Leads to Complications
$9,988 Rescue Dog with Cataracts, Skin Issues, and Cherry Eye
$9,174 Aseptic Meningitis in a Mixed Breed Dog
$9,031 Basset Hound/Bulldog Mix with Addison’s Disease
$8,482 Toy Schnauzer Suffers from Portosystemic Shunt
$8,374 Cat Struggles with Multiple Health Problems
$8,224 Dalmatian Pup with Pancreatitis Due to an Intestinal Blockage
$7,793 Invertebral Disc Rupture in French Bulldog
$7,411 Spinal Cord Compression and Hind Limb Paralysis
$7,357 Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix With CCL Disease
$7,330 Parvo Virus in Boxer Puppy
$7,277 Labrador Retriever Receives Shocking Hepatitis Diagnosis
$6,761 Pug Suffers from Lung Lobe Torsion
$6,685 Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME)
$6,411 Dexter the Dachshund Diagnosed with Gallstones
$6,060 Cat with Back Injury and Pancreatitis
$5,998 Mixed Breed Dog with Chronic Bronchitis
$5,048 Blastomycosis in a Siberian Husky
$4,940 Fibrocartilagenous Emboli in Labrador Retriever
$4,570 Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) in a Standard Poodle
$4,369 Cat Diagnosed with Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease
$4,310 Dog Suffers from Pancreatitis During Embrace Promo Period
$4,130 Feline Diabetes
$3,737 Pug Suffers from Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis and Shock
$3,667 Australian Shepherd Suffers from Seizures
$3,103 Cavalier's Vomiting Diagnosed as Pancreatitis
$3,000 Flat-Coated Retriever's Mystery Illness
$2,992 Mixed Breed Dog with Lyme Disease
$2,946 Hindlimb Weakness in Border Collie
$2,916 Degenerative Myelopathy in Bernese Mountain Dog
$2,783 Labrador Retriever Mix with Environmental Allergies
$2,642 Golden Retriever’s Upset Food Schedule Leads to Gastroenteritis
$2,503 Dog Diagnosed with Epilepsy
$2,448 Boston Terrier with Allergies
$2,349 Lead Poisoning in Pit Bull Mix
$2,346 Pug's Pancreatitis Plight
$2,119 Salivary Mucocele
$2,074 Stressed Kitty Suffers Urethral Obstruction
$2,048 Acute Pancreatitis
$1,901 English Shepherd Diagnosed with Addison's Disease
$1,837 Golden Retriever with Gastroenteritis and Gastric Bleeding
$1,671 Tetanus in Boxer Puppy
$1,629 Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis
$1,389 Feline Asthma
$465 Gastritis
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