Cat with Back Injury and Pancreatitis

Within just 2 months, Andy suffered both a debilitating back injury and a bout of pancreatitis.

Vet Bill: $6,061

Andy- Domestic Shorthair


One health scare is bad enough but two issues in as many months can be devastating, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Andy, an 11 year old domestic shorthair, was recovering from a back injury when he ended up with pancreatitis.

Donn L., Andy's pet parent, tells the story:

"Andy, our marmalade and white tabby, began exhibiting aggressive behavior and reluctance to jump up on and down from anything in March. Our amazing vet, Sara Ford, concerned about an underlying neurological problem, referred us to a neurologist. The referral would allow us to rule out neurological problems but required a very costly ($2,500) MRI. We were more than a little concerned about the cost. Embrace was amazing in expediting a pre-approval for the costs of the MRI, which reassured us, and we moved forward with Andy's procedure.

Andy began prednisone treatment in early April and seemed to be doing well until May when he began vomiting and refused food. Andy never refused food so this was a huge red flag. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and began supportive treatment with medication and administration of sub-cutaneous fluids at home. He is doing better and his treatment is ongoing.

Andy's illness required many vet visits and several expensive lab tests. Embrace uses such an easy and streamlined claims reimbursement process that we never felt any confusion you'd expect with medical insurance. Embrace has never questioned the tests or procedures required by the doctors and we have received the maximum reimbursement allowed by our policy. Most amazing of all, Embrace has a very caring staff and the best customer service of any company we have experienced. We are Embrace customers for life!"

Andy's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$6,060.90
Covered Charges$6,060.90
Annual Deductible$200.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$4,728.72