Mixed Breed Dog with Lyme Disease

A trip to the country leaves Oliver with Lyme disease.

Vet Bill: $2,992

Oliver - Mixed Breed Dog


There is so much to explore when a city pet goes to the country. There's new smells and animals to see. And, often times, there are new bugs. Unfortunately, 1-year-old Oliver met up with the latter. And, when he returned from the country, he brought with him a rather undesirable souvenir!

Oliver's pet parent, Claudia H., shares more:

"Oliver, being just one and a half, is generally very full of energy. So, when he seemed oddly tired and stiff after a trip in the country, I was a bit concerned. I thought that maybe he had played a bit too hard, pulled a muscle in his leg, and needed some rest. But he didn't eat his dinner that night or his breakfast the next morning, and by that afternoon he couldn't get up off of his bed.

We called his regular vet who expressed concern about Lyme disease since we had been in the woods in an area well-known for ticks. At the local animal hospital, they found that he was running a fever and had inflammation in his joints, which was consistent with Lyme disease. It took two nights in the hospital before he finally started to show improvement. His goofy personality and playfulness quickly came back, but the joint stiffness seemed to last another four weeks. Several months later, you wouldn't know anything had been wrong.

I had initially signed up for Embrace because, having grown up with dogs, I know that it's inevitable that they will eat something they shouldn't or get sick. And hospital bills are expensive and always seem to come at the worst times. I did a lot of research into different companies and Embrace seemed to have the best coverage and ratings. I was very impressed with how quickly I got a response and claim refund from Embrace and have since recommended the insurance to a number of friends who recently adopted dogs."

Oliver's Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,992.00
Covered Charges $2,992.00
Annual Deductible -$500.00
20% Co-pay -$498.40
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,993.60
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