Stressed Kitty Suffers Urethral Obstruction

Jax suffered from a painful and serious urethral obstruction. Embrace helped Jax's owners with the vet bills after his treatment.

Vet Bill: $2,048

cat recovering from urethral obstruction

Cats are extremely sensitive to stress inside or outside of the home -- it can even make them deathly ill. Ezela S. and her fiance (now husband) were on a shoestring budget in the midst of wedding planning and Christmas shopping when they noticed their rescue cat tormenting their other cat, Jax, when he tried to use the litterbox. She noticed that Jax was straining to urinate and knew they had to get him to the vet's office. Ezela shared Jax's story with us.

"To tell you the story about Jax and Embrace, I first have to tell you about his playmate, Cleo. My beautiful senior feline, Cleo, had to go through surgery to remove a cystic mass. We didn't have insurance and went through a horrible rollercoaster of emotions as she declined during surgery and needed several emergency transfusions. We had no idea what to do but try our best to save our kitty, no matter what the cost. Cleo unfortunately passed away during surgery, leaving a hole in our life and a huge vet bill. My husband and I vowed to never be put in that situation again, so now that our pet family has grown to include cats Jax and Lucy, and our big dog Allie, we promised to protect them. After researching tons of reviews, we found Embrace.

We are so lucky we did. Later, we attempted to adopt a third cat. After all the integration steps, we attempted to let the new cat into the main parts of the house. Unfortunately, we found him stalking and attacking Jax whenever Jax tried to use the litterbox. Sadly, we had to return the new cat after finding out he had a history of cat aggression.

After many days of not being able to use the litterbox, Jax had blood in his urine and could barely pass a drop. We had him hospitalized with a urethral obstruction. All of this happened right after our wedding and right before Christmas, which meant funds were incredibly tight.

He's still on the road to recovery, but Embrace's claim portal through MyEmbrace makes submitting all the invoices from his stay and follow up visits quick and easy. And even more, it meant we could actually have a Christmas and not have to rely on credit card debt to save our fur baby. Thanks, Embrace, for giving me back my little man!"

Jax’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,048.17
Covered Charges $1,885.06
Copay $377.02
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,508.04