Dog Diagnosed with Epilepsy

It was only a month after his adoption that Troy started having seizures.

Vet Bill: $2,503

Troy - Mountain Cur


Adopting a new pet is a fun and exciting time. No one expects that "honeymoon" period to be cut short by a health problem. Unfortunately, that was the case when Troy, a 1 year old Mountain Cur, started having seizures just a month after his adoption. Thankfully, when his pet parent, Brianna W., adopted him from the SPCA Florida Adoption Center, she also took home Embrace Pet Insurance.

Brianna tells the full story:

"One weekend, when I was home from college, I expressed to my parents how badly I wanted to adopt a dog. During this conversation, I pulled up the local shelter's website, scrolled through the available dogs, and instantly fell in love with Troy. My dad agreed that we could go to the SPCA Florida Adoption Center the next day just to look around. The following day I was signing the paperwork to take home my new best friend. Right as I was finishing up, the women working asked if I would like to sign up for pet insurance, which I did.

A little over a month after adopting Troy, we were at the dog park playing when he fell to the ground. I was in such shock that all I could do was stand there watching as my dog was convulsing. A guy at the park recognized it as a seizure and helped me through it. After Troy’s second seizure at the park that night I took him to the hospital where they ran a number of tests and finally diagnosed him with epilepsy. They sent us home telling me to monitor him and bring him back if he had another one within the next 3 months. We were back at the hospital within an hour, so they kept him over night for monitoring. A week later he had 2 more cluster seizures and was started on daily medication.

Since being put on the medicine he has had 4 more sets of cluster seizures, spent another night in the hospital, and has blood work sent off to an out-of-state lab. We are in the process of changing or adding on a second medication due to the severity of his epilepsy. Despite his illness, Troy is still his happy, energetic, and loving self.

If it wasn’t for the insurance from Embrace, Troy would have had to go back to the shelter. I will never own a pet without having insurance ever again. It is not easy being a college student with an epileptic dog, but with Embrace it is possible for me to keep my dog child."

Troy's Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,503.73
Covered Charges $2,503.73
Annual Deductible -$300.00
20% Co-pay -$440.80
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,762.93
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