Labrador Retriever Mix with Environmental Allergies

When Theo moved to a new state, he became itchy and uncomfortable.

Vet Bill: $2,783

Theo - Lab Mix


Sometimes, allergies only manifest under certain circumstances. Such was the case for Theo, a happy puppy who had a healthy start to life. At about 9-months-old, however, he and his family moved to a new state, which is where the trouble began.

Theo’s pet parent, Suzanne, tells us more:

"We adopted Theo when he was 3-months-old and, as new pet owners, immediately signed him up for Embrace Pet Insurance. Six months later, we moved states and that's when Theo became super uncomfortable with chronic ear infections, compulsive paw licking, and intense body scratching.

We sought the assistance of a specialized veterinary dermatologist who determined the culprit was likely a food allergy and advised a prescriptive limited-ingredient diet. After the year-long food trial provided minimal relief, Theo underwent testing for environmental allergies. Low and behold, Theo was allergic to the majority of the native plants in our new state!

Theo is now doing subcutaneous immunotherapy treatment (which is a lot less scary than it sounds) and we still keep his diet pretty restricted. The warmer, wetter months are always challenging, but knowing the triggers enables us to help him find relief.

We couldn't be more grateful for Embrace Pet Insurance who has stuck by us (and Theo of course!) through this and many other ailments. We often joke in our household that the dog has better insurance than we do, but the fact is, it's true! The experience with Embrace has always been simple, thorough, and efficient. They helped to cover the cost of the allergy testing, the treatment, and even the prescription food. We are beyond thankful for all that Embrace has done for our family!"

Theo's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$2,783.01
Covered Charges$2,783.01
Annual Deductible$300.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$1,986.40