Boston Terrier With Allergies

Petunia had a rash that would be diagnosed as a symptom of allergies.

Vet Bill: $2,449



Three year old Petunia, "Tuna," has been embraced since she was a young pup. At two years old she earned herself a trip to the vet's office when a rash popped up all over her body.

Petunia's pet parent, Corinne F. tells us more about Petunia's allergies:

"Petunia is a very sweet-natured, affectionate Boston Terrier with a great pedigree. In her second year, she developed a rash from head to toe. My vet changed her diet to Hill's z/d for allergies and started her on Atopica (while the Atopica did the job, it upset her GI system and made her miserable), Allerderm and an antihistamine. We had a pretty good winter this past year as far as allergies go; she maintained on the antihistamine, z/d diet and Allerderm (for skincare). We are now in the throws of allergy season in New England and she is still maintaining on the prescriptions for her allergies. I am hoping, for both of us, that we no longer need the Atopica."

Petunia's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$2,448.53
Covered Charges$1,945.60
Total Embrace Reimbursement$1,551.48