IVDD Causes Subarachnoid Cyst

Jimmy's family was able to manage his intervertebral disc disease until it caused a subarachnoid cyst.

Vet Bill: $4,670

Jimmy - German Shepherd


Jimmy, a 10 year old German Shepherd, was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) but managed well until two years later when a subarachnoid cyst required surgery.

Jimmy's pet parent, Gail H., shares his story:

"We adopted Jimmy from a rescue in Washington at the age of almost six. We have had Embrace the entire time and we are glad we did. Jimmy had some skin issues, but nothing major at first. Then, we noticed he was having some hind end weakness and trouble rising. This was later diagnosed as IVVD. We decided on conservative therapy which seemed to be working until a terrible day when he tried to rise and couldn't get up on his own. Upon rising he was walking in a strange U-like position.

We were sick with worry. We knew this was not good. We took him to West Vet Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital in Boise, ID to see Dr. Sean Murphy. Jimmy had a myelogram with CT and the results were not good. The problem causing his issues was a subarachnoid cyst associated with IVDD at L3-L4, a genetic disease in pets. Jimmy underwent a six hour surgery to try and fix the problem. There were no guarantees but Jimmy did really well, coming home four days later with 24 staples in his back and walking with a little help from a sling and, of course, his very grateful family.

The entire time, Embrace was there for us. I received all pre-certifications back for treatment, surgery, and physical therapy much quicker than the 5 day turnaround time and multiple phone calls asking me how Jim was doing. Jim recovered from his surgery very well and, once again, we're a happy family. A special thanks to the entire team at Embrace and West Vet. for everything they did for us. Thank you all for saving our boy. Without all of you, Jimmy wouldn't be here today."

Jimmy's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$4,670.43
Covered Charges$4,469.34
Annual Deductible$547.25
Total Embrace Reimbursement$3,137.67