Vaccine-induced Fibrosarcoma in Cat

One day last year, Maurice's owner noticed a pea-sized lump on his side, which quickly grew to the size of a cherry.

Vet Bill: $7,161

Maurice - Domestic Shorthair


Vaccinating your pet can be life-saving, but, in certain cases, it can be life-threatening. At just five years old Maurice was diagnosed with an aggressive vaccine-induced fibrosarcoma. He would need surgery followed by a course of radiation therapy.

Maurice’s pet parent, Claude, tells us more:

"This is the story of a very special cat, Maurice, better known as "Mo." Rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, Mo had a rough start. When found, he was very ill, with a temperature of 107.5. Mo was given antibiotics and a lot of TLC and he thankfully recovered. We adopted him and named him "Sir Maurice de Beauregard," a fancy name for a stray from the streets of Reading.

We spent five healthy years with Mo until I found a small, pea-sized lump on his side one day last year. Our local vet didn't seem worried and directed us to keep an eye on it. Several months went by and then, within a few days, the lump grew to the size of a cherry. The diagnosis was devastating; a very aggressive, vaccine-induced fibrosarcoma.

Since Mo's diagnosis, I have learned that cats can be especially susceptible to vaccine-induced illnesses, which can actually take their lives if not caught and treated. Also, from my research, I have personally decided that every three years would be adequate for vaccinating an indoor cat such as Mo.

Mo ended up having surgery followed by a course of radiation therapy. He was given a good chance of non-recurrence and will be rechecked every month for the next year. Mo just had his second re-check, including lung X-rays, and he is doing great, back to his usual, playful self. We are hopeful that he will continue to beat the cancer and give us many more years of continued happiness. We were so lucky to have Embrace Pet Insurance for Mo's cancer treatment. The bills, so far, have topped $7,000.00, which we could not have afforded without insurance. We are so grateful to Embrace. They review and pay claims quickly, usually within two weeks. But, best of all... they CARE!"

Maurice’s Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $7,161.40
Covered Charges $7,161.40
Annual Deductible $400.00
Copay $1,352.28
Total Embrace Reimbursement $5,409.12

Maurice’s annual deductible is $200. His claims took place over 2 policy years.