Dachshund with a Splenic Tumor

Zuzu needs a splenectomy.

Vet Bill: $3,636



Zuzu selected her parents, Sasha and Bill, at The Puppy Patch in Hopkinton, Mass., back in April, and they fell in love with her at first sight. In September, Sasha and Bill noticed subtle changes in Zuzu's behavior and began to watch her more closely. The symptoms included decreased energy, increased napping, decreased appetite and drinking less water. They brought Zuzu to the Woburn Animal Hospital and were presented with an initial prognosis of acute anemia of unknown origin. The vet did blood tests that ruled out IMHA and any tick-borne illnesses.

Within a few days it seemed Zuzu's fatigue and suppressed appetite were resolving and her energy levels seemed improved. Amazingly, her anemia seemed to have bounced completely back and her parents were delighted. However, the vet and hematologist were not as thrilled, rather perplexed about an anemia with such an acute onset that resolved so quickly.

To play it safe, they did an ultrasound of Zuzu's abdominal organs to rule out bleeding or masses. To her parents' shock and dismay, a mass was found on Zuzu's spleen. Surgery was scheduled immediately to biopsy and remove her spleen. Her parents were faced with a tremendous loss of control and fear that their precious Dachshund might have cancer. They prayed and made sure to spoil Zuzu leading up to her surgery.

Sasha and Bill were completely relieved and overjoyed when Zuzu pulled through a complete splenectomy without incident and the biopsy came back negative for malignancy. Zuzu bounced back wonderfully as if she had never been sick, let alone operated on. The vet bills for the lab work, tests, and surgery totaled over $3,000.

Sasha submitted all the claims to Embrace but was a little worried knowing that it was his first claim and only 3 months after taking out the policy. After reviewing the last 2 years of Zuzu's health history and vet visits, Embrace reimbursed 90% of the total bill. While the claim was being processed, the claim department at Embrace kept in touch with Sasha regarding Zuzu's condition and recovery.

Sasha says:

"I was incredibly impressed by the entire process and the friendly, professional, and courteous manner in which Embrace personnel handled our case. We love Zuzu as if she were our child. Embrace gave us the impression that to them Zuzu was more than just a claim to be processed; she was our family member and therefore entitled to quick, reliable and friendly care on their part."

Zuzu's Claim Refund

Claim DetailsAmount
Actual Vet Bill$3,635.91
Covered Charges$3,499.04
Annual Deductible$200.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement$2,969.14